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How to Warm Up Your Cold Hands

How to Warm Up Your Cold Hands

When it’s cold outside or in your room, your body tries to keep the blood flowing to your core and vital organs to keep them warm. In this case, your limbs might feel cold because they’re not getting enough blood. 5-Minute Crafts will show you some home treatments to improve blood circulation in your hands and warm them up quickly.

❗ If you have cold hands all the time, even when the weather is warm, you should see your doctor.

1. Move your arms.

✅ Make wide circles in the air with your arms to improve the blood flow.

✅ Then make circles in the air with each finger.

2. Use your body heat.

Tuck your hands under your clothes and place them next to the warm skin of your chest, belly, or armpits.

3. Try hydrotherapy.

✅ Take 2 basins, fill one of them with cold water and the other with hot water. The water in both basins should be bearable, not icy cold or extremely hot.

✅ Dip your hands in the basin with hot water for 30 seconds, then put them into the cold water for 10 seconds.

✅ Repeat several times to increase blood circulation.

4. Wear mittens.

✅ Instead of gloves, choose mittens. Mittens will keep your fingers together and save more warmth.

Tip: Don’t wear tight clothes, watches, rings, or bracelets.

5. Massage your hands.

Massage your hands in brisk motions to warm them up.

6. Try the qi ball exercise.

Stand in a relaxed position with your feet shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your pelvis tilted forward.

✅ Bend your elbows and bring your arms and hands into a position, as if you are holding a basketball.

✅ Hold this position until you can feel the imaginary ball.

✅ Then slowly start moving your hands closer to each other and apart.

✅ When you bring your hands closer, you may experience a magnetic feeling and heat between your palms.

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