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The List of Foods That Are Highest in Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an organic compound that is synthesized by all animal cells, including the human body. Cholesterol is essential for the production of vitamin D, various steroid hormones, and bile acids. However, an excess of it leads to vascular atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. Because of this, it is recommended to limit the intake of cholesterol along with food to 300 mg per day.

5-Minute Crafts prepared a cheat sheet with 10 products that have the highest cholesterol content. It will help optimize your diet and help you to not exceed the recommended daily intake of cholesterol.

The information in the article is for informational purposes only. To make up an individual nutrition plan, and to include or exclude certain foods from your diet, we recommend that you seek the advice of a dietitian.

1. Liver

Most organ meats are high in cholesterol, that’s why their intake should be limited. So, for example, 100 g of cooked lamb liver contains 493 mg of cholesterol or 164% of the recommended daily intake.

2. Chicken eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are high in cholesterol too — their amount reaches 373 mg or 124% of the recommended daily intake in 100 g of the product.

Eggs are not thought to affect cholesterol levels as part of a balanced diet. But if you have already been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, it is recommended to limit the consumption of this product to 1 egg per day, as a precaution.

3. Canned shrimp

100 g of canned shrimp contains 252 mg of cholesterol or 84% of the recommended daily intake. However, just like all seafood, shrimp has an excellent ratio of omega-3 acids to omega-6 acids, which makes them good for heart health.

4. Butter

100 g of butter contains 215 mg of cholesterol or 72% of the recommended daily intake. In addition, this dairy product is rich in saturated fats, which should also be limited in the diet.

5. Fast food

Fast food is the food that should be limited in consumption, in general, due to the high content of fats. Apart from that, fast food is high in cholesterol. A hot breakfast with eggs, cheese, and bacon from one of the large fast-food chains contains 173 mg of cholesterol in 100 g, which makes up 58% of the recommended daily intake.

6. Chocolate mousse

Desserts made of eggs, milk, butterfat, and chocolate tend to be high in cholesterol. So, for example, 100 g of chocolate mousse contains 140 mg of cholesterol or 47% of the recommended daily intake.

7. Fatty meats

Fatty meats are another widespread source of cholesterol. For example, 100 g of fried chicken legs contain 127 mg of cholesterol or 42% of the recommended daily intake.

8. Cheese

Semi-hard cheese is rich in cholesterol as well. For example, 100 g of the French Port de Salut cheese contains 123 mg of cholesterol or 41% of the recommended daily intake.

9. Whipped cream

Whipped cream is another product whose consumption should be limited, due to its high content of saturated fats and cholesterol100 g of whipped cream contains 111 mg of cholesterol or 37% of the recommended daily intake.

10. Bacon

Finally, fried bacon completes the Top 10 chart. 100 g of this product contains 99 mg of cholesterol or 33% of the recommended daily intake.

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