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Whether or Not We Should Remove Nasal Hair

Each person has hair in their nose. They serve the function of a filter, preventing the penetration of foreign particles (pollen, dust, liquid drops, etc.) deep into the nose. Studies confirm that the number of hairs inside the nostrils directly affects the development of seasonal allergy complications. But despite their benefits, the abundance of hairs in the nose is considered a cosmetic imperfection.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you whether or not we should remove nasal hair and what methods should be used for it.

If it’s okay to remove nasal hair

Experts agree that visible nasal hair can be removed if its presence causes discomfort for you. The main thing is to do it carefully, not to get too deep into the nose, and leave some hairs for protecting the nasal mucosa.

How nasal hair can be removed

It’s better to use painless methods for removing nasal hair and get rid of only visible hairs, not depriving the nose of its natural protection.

  • Scissors
    Scissors are a convenient old-school tool for removing nasal hair. Opt for special models with rounded and not too long blades as not to accidentally harm the skin inside the nose.
  • Trimmers
    Hair trimmers are designed specifically for removing unwanted hair in hard-to-reach places, such as the ears and nose. Normally, they have rounded edges that protect the skin from getting cut.
    Experts insist on disinfecting the tool after each use.
  • Laser hair removal
    Though it’s the most expensive way to remove hair, some people with dense nasal hair might like it. This method involves gradual but permanent hair removal.

What can’t be used for removing nasal hair

  • Tweezers
    When working with tweezers, it’s easy to injure the delicate nasal mucosa, as well as provoke the appearance of ingrown hairs. In addition, without special treatment, tweezers can bring an infection into the nose.
  • Wax
    Wax can irritate and inflame the mucous membranes as well as remove too much hair, leaving your nose unprotected. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the wax so that the chemical components don’t cause additional irritation to the thin skin inside the nose.
  • Depilatory cream
    Depilatory cream is not intended for removing nasal hair. Chemical substances in their composition can injure the nasal mucosa greatly.
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