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10 Cooking Utensils That Will Turn Making Dinner Into a Fun Game

Pots, pans, knives, and bowls are objects we’re all familiar with and use on a regular basis but nowadays there’s an infinite amount of gadgets that help in cooking and can be pretty fun to use. 5-Minute Crafts compiled a list highlighting some of these for your cooking pleasure!

1. Witchy kitchen spoon rest

Get it from Amazon here.

Make sure your spoons don’t fall into the pot in an enchanting way and cook your food like someone would cook a potion.

2. Handheld spiralizer

Get it from Amazon here.

Make fun and colorful pasta dishes with ease. This has 4 different modes for all your low-carb pasta wishes.

3. Bicycle pizza cutter

Get it from Amazon here.

Race across your pizza! Perfect for a fun gift or to have around the house. The 2 bike wheels mean it has 2 blades, making for effortless cutting.

4. Spoon and ladder combo

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Make sure you never lose track of your utensils. Their clever design allows them to rest on the side of any pot or pan, giving you one less worry while cooking.

5. Cat bag ties

Get them on Amazon here.

Make all leftover bags fun and cute with these meow ties. The tongue is the part that ties the bag and it gets longer the more you tighten it!

6. Egg yolk separator

Get it from Amazon here.

It’ll make life easier for both expert and beginner cooks. Your fingers won’t get dirty when separating whites and it’s dishwasher safe.

7. Small finger tongs

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Perfect for grabbing items like sugar cubes or fruit. Also perfect for a dinner party — they’ll complement any bowl or plate and keep your fingers clean.

8. Monkey bag clips

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Have a monkey friend around to keep all your packages sealed and fresh.

9. Crinkle slicer

Get it from Amazon here.

Try to get the perfect wavy fry. Besides making your fries snazzy you can use it on any other vegetable and get the same effect.

10. Herb scissors

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Make chopping easier, preparation much faster, and give the chopping board a rest. When you’re done just throw them in the dishwasher.

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