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12 Practical Things on Amazon That Every Bathroom Needs

In a room as important as the bathroom, even a little practicality goes a long way. Having the right accessories and utilities can make your time in the bathroom much more pleasant and comfortable. 5-Minute Crafts has created a list of items that every bathroom would benefit from having.

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1. Silicone Toilet Brush

Buy ASOBEAGE Silicone Toilet Brush here.

This is the item that revolutionizes toilet cleaning. It has a flexible silicone head that’s made of long-lasting TPE material, which makes cleaning under the toilet rim much easier. It also has a holder base that allows the brush to dry faster thanks to its well-ventilated design. Additionally, it can be mounted onto a wall.

2. 4-Tier Shower Corner Caddy

Buy 4-Tier Shower Corner Caddy here.

This is the perfect item to maximize your shower space. It has an adjustable height of 1.5–2.7 meters, and it comes with four baskets — two large and two smaller ones — making it a perfect fit for most bathrooms. One of the smaller baskets comes with a bar, while the other comes with hooks at each side, further increasing your storage options.

3. Wiper Blade Squeegee

Buy OXO Wiper Blade Squeegee here.

The Wiper Blade Squeegee from OXO will allow you to easily get rid of pesky water stains in your bathroom mirrors and tiles. With its silicone blade, you will be able to swiftly clean surfaces without leaving any streaks. Thanks to a rotating hook located at its base, the squeegee can be easily hung and stored in many places inside your bathroom, such as your shower head or your shower caddy.

4. Waste Separation Bin

Buy Split Waste & Recycling Bin here.

Thanks to its duel compartments and removable inner buckets, you will be able to easily separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste in no time! It has a total capacity of 8 liters and a lightweight design, so cleaning it will also be easy. This is the perfect product if you want to up your recycling game.

5. Automatic Soap Dispenser

Buy SVAVO Automatic Soap Dispenser here.

This is the perfect option if you want a dispenser that you won’t need to touch in order to wash your hands — great if you wet your hands before going for the soap! What’s more, this soap dispenser comes with three different soap volume levels, so you can adjust how much soap you get to your liking. Its battery compartment is located at the top, further preventing any contact with water.

6. Memory Foam Bathroom Mat

Buy Umi Memory Foam Bath Mat here.

Step out of the shower right and into the clouds! Because of its softness and memory foam technology, the mat will comfortably cushion and envelop your foot when you step on it. This mat is not only highly absorbent, it’s also quick to dry thanks to fine holes that allow air to pass through the mat. Its back is made of anti-slip materials, so you won’t have to worry about the mat skidding or shifting around.

7. Large Toothbrush Caddy

Buy EasyStore Steel Large Toothbrush Caddy here.

This spacious caddy offers plenty of space, enough to store both manual and electric toothbrushes, as well as multiple oral care products like toothpaste and floss in its multiple compartments. Its size also lets you keep all of your family’s dental hygiene products in one place, making the bathroom a tidier place for everybody.

8. Ionic Shower Head

Buy ComfiTech Ionic Shower Head here.

The main benefit of an ionic shower head is a sophisticated filter system that will catch chlorine and other toxins from coming in contact with your head and body. This showerhead comes with three modes — rainfall, massage, and jet, designed to provide a more varied and customizable shower experience. All three modes are also benefitted from the shower head’s micro nozzle technology, which makes the water come out at a higher pressure than other showerheads.

9. Fog-free LED Mirror

Buy Xinyang Mirror with LED Lights and Demister Pad here.

Tired of a poorly lit mirror that fogs up every time you take a shower? This will be the perfect solution for your bathroom. An elegant multipurpose button on the surface of the mirror will let you toggle both the LED-powered frame as well as the built-in demister pad that heats up and prevents fogging.

10. Touchscreen Friendly Shower Curtain Liner with Pockets

Buy Fangkun iPad Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner here.

Say goodbye to having boring showers ever again! This shower liner comes equipped with multiple pockets of different sizes on the outside, designed to fit numerous devices so you can enjoy them while you take a bath. More importantly, the material is touchscreen-friendly, so you will be able to fully use your cellphone, tablet, baby monitor, or any other touch device. Alternatively, you can also use the pockets to keep other things away from the water, such as watches, jewelry, and other valuable items.

11. Toilet Stool

Buy ASPIRE Squatting Toilet Stool here.

Did you know that the way that we sit on the toilet to go for a number two is far from being the optimal position? When you sit on the toilet, you’re putting pressure on your colon, as well as not allowing the appropriate muscles to properly relax. A toilet stool raises your feet while you’re on the throne, mimicking a more natural squatting position that aligns your colon properly, which in turn ensures a faster and easier elimination of waste. If you suffer from constipation or other related complications, this will be a life-changer.

12. Free-standing Toilet Roll Holder

Buy WENKO Free-standing Toilet Roll Holder here.

Realizing you’re out of toilet paper when you’re on the toilet is the stuff of nightmares, but an item like this will leave that fear in the past. Thanks to its design, you will be able to easily stack up to four spare toilet rolls. Its L-shaped design allows you to effortlessly replace an empty roll, in addition to letting you load it with new spare toilet rolls.

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