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15 Cool Releases That Can Help You Master Your Cleaning Skills

Cleaning is essential for healthy living, and most people clean something nearly every day, so we need quality cleaners  aside from detergent, soap, and other agents  to complete the job well. That’s why 5-Minute Crafts is introducing you to 15 new Amazon products to help you clean various surfaces and utensils.

1. Three 2-in-1 multifunctional brushes for cleaning

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Editor’s Choice

The 3 colored brushes boasting an ergonomic design are suitable for brushing stovetops, pot bottoms, hand basins, etc. They feature soft, tough bristles for premium durability, and they feel comfortable in your hands.

2. Straw cleaning brushes for pipes, tubes, and bottles

Purchase these cleaning brushes from Amazon quickly.

Editor’s Choice

The 10-straw cleaning brush set is ideal for cleaning inaccessible places, like the insides of bottles and awkward angles. They are made of nylon and stainless steel, which won’t rust or fall apart easily.

3. Set of 2 brushes for glass and hard-to-reach areas

Secure glass brushes from Amazon easily.

Editor’s Choice

These multifunctional brushes are suitable for cleaning large surfaces, like home or car windows. They have ergonomic handles, and you can use them to clean hard-to-reach areas, like car window bottoms.

4. A pair or 2 of sponges for scrubbing pots and kitchen surfaces

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Editor’s Choice

These sets of either 2 or 4 dense sponges have tight pores and rich-foaming properties. They are ideal for scrubbing pots, sink bottoms, and many other surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage.

5. Set of mini brushes and dustpans for computer keyboards

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Editor’s Choice

This dusting product features quality materials, making it lightweight. Besides computer keyboards, you can use them to clean hardwood, metal, and other surfaces that are small or hard to access.

6. A mop with a long handle and rotating triangle for windows and floors

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Editor’s Choice

The product consists of 3 chenille mop pads suitable for cleaning windows and glass and 3 microfiber mop pads ideal for dry cleaning. You can adjust the height by its 5 stainless steel rods.

7. Ventilation cleaner kit with elastic wire

Buy the ventilation kit from Amazon easily.

Editor’s Choice

You can remove dust and fluff trapped in the dryer’s air gap with this ventilation cleaner. And you can use it to remove pet hair from under the furniture and household appliances.

8. A foldable pot brush for the kitchen

Buy the pot brush on Amazon now.

Editor’s Choice

The appliance lies comfortably in hand and boasts effortless cleaning. It’s ideal for removing filth from barbeque grills, ovens, microwaves, sinks, dishes, etc. There’s a drain hole at the bottom too.

9. A multipurpose organic loofah for cleansing

Get the loofah from Amazon with ease.

Editor’s Choice

This organic loofah is an efficient dirt remover for pans and other dishes, baking racks, etc. And this natural product is a great replacement for plastic sponges and metal brushes. It’s also gentle on the skin.

10. Stainless steel drain cleaner and clog remover

Buy the drain cleaner from Amazon right away.

Editor’s Choice

The flexible drain cleaner is ideal for removing dirt from bathtubs, toilet drains, and sinks. It’s made of durable stainless steel that is easy to bend and remove hair, food leftovers, etc.

11. Multifunctional cordless vacuum cleaner

Buy the vacuum cleaner on Amazon now.

Editor’s Choice

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, etc. The self-adjusting mode adjusts the speed according to the amount of dirt, so all you need to do is push it gently.

12. An electric spin scrubber with a long handle for bathrooms

Grab the scrubber from Amazon quickly.

Editor’s Choice

The waterproof electric spin scrubber is suitable for cleaning different surfaces. The extendable handle prevents kneeling, and its 6 durable brushes can remove all kinds of dirt, even from hard-to-reach corners.

13. Cherry toilet brush with ergonomic design

Secure the toilet brush on Amazon sooner rather than later.

Editor’s Choice

This toilet brush features high-quality materials (ABS and PP plastic) that prevent deformation. Its holder is conveniently designed to stop leaking once you return the brush after use.

14. An electric cleaning brush for the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet

Get the electric brush from Amazon now.

Editor’s Choice

The electric scrubber comes with nylon, lamb wool, and sea brocade brush heads suitable for different surfaces. It can operate for 120 minutes without stopping for premium performance and cleanliness.

15. A retractable brush for car washing

Buy the retractable brush from Amazon now.

Editor’s Choice

The telescopic handle and the soft microfiber chenille cleaning cloth allow you to clean your vehicle thoroughly and quickly. The stainless-steel rod is light yet strong and doesn’t rust easily.

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