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15 Low-Budget Items That Will Spice Up Your Garden

As the summer approaches, you might be thinking about how to transform your garden so you can enjoy it fully. That is why 5-Minute Crafts prepared this list of budget-friendly items that will give your garden a fresh look.

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1. Honey bee solar-powered lights

Buy the honey bee solar-powered lights here.

Amazon’s Choice

Reduce your costs with these solar lights that can go nicely with your patio or porch. These lights have a memory function and can remember their previous setting. You can choose between 8 different modes.

2. Bamboo plant labels

Buy the bamboo plant labels here.

Editor’s Pick

Write the name of the plants that you are growing with a marker that comes with the set and just place it in the ground. It can come in handy for a large garden with various herbs so you can locate them easily.

3. Wooden bird feeder

Buy the wooden bird feeder here.

Editor’s Pick

Fill up the feeder with different types of seeds and nuts and enjoy birdwatching. This can be a great addition to your garden, especially if you are a bird enthusiast or you just want to help them find food easier.

4. Wall clock

Buy the wall clock here.

Amazon’s Choice

You can place this outdoor clock on a wall or a pillar so you can easily track the time even when you are outside. It is simple to use, just use 1 AA battery and highlight your garden decor.

5. Hanging chair

Buy the hanging chair here.

Amazon’s Choice

Relax after a long day in this striped, swinging chair. The instructions for how to set it up and secure it are included with this product. You can easily mount it on a tree or a sturdy frame.

6. Bamboo wind chimes

Buy the bamboo wind chimes here.

Amazon’s Choice

If you are a fan of the relaxing sounds of nature, this item could make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. It is made from brown bamboo and can be a neat piece of art that enriches your garden space.

7. Gecko wall decor

Buy the gecko wall decor here.

Great Buy

The hand-painted, glass-center part makes this gecko design unique and can up your decoration game. You can hang it with the hook on the back and it can be placed on a fence or a wall to make it look more lively.

8. Hanging metal planters

Buy the hanging metal planters here.

Editor’s Pick

These metal hanging planters can be great for potted plants and dried flowers, or you can use them for storing garden tools. You can place them on a fence, a wall, or somewhere else you find convenient.

9. Solar patio lantern

Buy solar patio lantern here.

Amazon’s Choice

These flickering, amber lanterns are made of plastic and glass. The solar panel at the top will absorb sunlight during the day, making sure it will work smoothly at night. It is waterproof and not complicated to use.

10. Colorful camping hammock

Buy the colorful camping hammock here.

Amazon’s Choice

Read a favorite book or take a nap in this lively colored hammock. Tying ropes are made of cotton and knotted, which makes them durable and long-lasting. It comes with steel rings so it can stay secure.

11. Butterfly feeding house

Buy the butterfly feeding house here.

Editor’s Pick

With this tiny, wooden house, you can provide shelter for butterflies. It will attract the butterflies and offer them a safe place during cold weather. It is made from eco-friendly materials.

12. Steel wind spinner

Buy the steel wind spinner here.

Best Seller

You can place it on a tree, a balcony, or a window and enjoy this design that spins in the breeze of the wind. The spinner is made of steel and has an epoxy layer that protects it from the elements.

13. Water sprinkler

Buy the water sprinkler here.

Amazon’s Choice

Make sure that the green surface is always hydrated with this nozzle lawn sprinkler. It is not difficult to use, just attach the water joint to the connector and faucet and turn the sprinkler on.

14. Decorative rain chain

Buy the decorative rain chain here.

Editor’s Pick

This rain chain can be a decorative and practical addition to your yard and home. It is very useful as it can reduce the rain splash and will point the water straight to the drain.

15. Decorative pillow covers

Buy the tropical plant pattern cushions here.

Best Seller

You can choose a variety of designs to match your taste and the furniture in your garden. The covers are made of water-resistant material, and you can easily wipe off liquid if you accidentally spill something on them.

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