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4 Types of Fireplaces You Need to Know of if You Want a Cozy and Welcoming Home

Remodeling a home is always a good idea. And many homeowners consider adding or restoring their indoor fireplaces too. Fireplaces don’t only keep your room warm, but they also contribute to altering the feel of a room by making it look cozy and romantic. So if you’re up to installing one but aren’t sure which fireplace style suits your home best, let 5-Minute Crafts be your guide.

A. Wood-burning fireplaces

This is the most classic choice when it comes to fireplaces. It creates a cozy and rustic feel in the atmosphere of the room. Here, you also don’t need to depend on electricity to keep yourself warm. However, they’re expensive to install and maintain, plus you have to buy wood to burn, and it needs professional cleaning too. There are 3 types of wood-burning fireplaces.

  • Traditional open-hearth fireplaces are made with brick or stone and make use of a chimney and flue for ventilation. They bear the most authentic look and feel, but are not effective when heating the room. They’re also the most expensive ones and take a lot of time to build.
  • Wood-burning stoves may need a pipe in order to properly ventilate the smoke via a chimney to the outside environment.
  • Fireplace inserts are made in a way that they slide perfectly into the fireplace opening. They’re enclosed, which lets you transform an inefficient open hearth into a more effective and fuel-efficient fireplace.

B. Gas fireplaces

They may look and act like wood fires. And you may need some ventilation here because it also produces a small amount of smoke emitted by the gas. This option is more manageable, as you have control over the amount of gas to be used. There are 2 types of gas fireplaces.

  • Direct-vented built-in fireplaces can be vented via an existing or new fireplace, but you can also use a pipe so that there are minimal changes in the house structure, and it can easily be installable in any room. The flame emitted here is yellow, so it may function more like a traditional or wood-burning fireplace.
  • Ventless built-in fireplaces require no chimney or vent, and they’re the easiest to install as well. They rest directly against the internal walls as long as they’re connected to a gas line. The gas burns very cleanly, produces no carbon monoxide, combusts interior air, and keeps the heat produced inside the home only. The flames here are blue because the gas in this fireplace is burning.

The difference between a direct vent fireplace and a ventless one is that the former draws in air from the external environment in order to combust.

C. Ethanol fireplaces

These fireplaces are easy to manage and require minimal installation. It also fits well with any kind of decor or budget. They’re odorless, clean, and environmentally friendly. There are 3 types of ethanol fireplaces.

  • Fireplace conversions — if you already have a fireplace installed, you can invest in an ethanol-burning insert that will go right inside the space. There are many varieties available, like traditional or modern looking.
  • Tabletop fireplaces are available in lots of sizes so that you make the most of their variety of settings. They’re easily portable, particularly the smaller models. You can carry them from one room to another or move them if you want to use the table or the furniture piece.
  • Wall-mounted fireplaces can be hung on any wall you want, making them a heating source and an art piece at the same time. If you don’t wish to put up a TV on a wall, you can hang this fireplace as the centerpiece of a room instead.

D. Electric fireplaces

These fireplaces are more like electric heaters that resemble a fireplace burning coal or wood. They can simply be powered by a plug in the wall. It releases no fumes since it burns no wood, plus it’s low maintenance and easy to clean as well. There are 2 types of electric fireplaces.

  • Mantel electric fireplaces look similar to their built-in wood-burning counterparts, but they don’t need any venting or chimney access. It integrates the elegance and tradition of a mantel fireplace in your home with zero hassle or cost.
  • Electric fireplace TV stands and entertainment centers come in many different forms and are equipped with an electric fireplace. This combines 2 essential pieces of furniture. These fireplace entertainment centers come in handy for those who reside in smaller homes or apartments.
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