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4 Ways to Bring a Plant Back to Life

Much like humans, plants require special care to stay healthy. But the good news is, in most cases, when we stop watering them, when we overwater them, or when they suffer from fungus and pests, the damage can be undone if we act quickly and efficiently.
5-Minute Crafts is showing you 4 simple ways to recover your plants, plus a bonus trick to help detect whether or not they can be saved.

1. Lack of water

  • Pull off any dry leaves and wilted stems.

  • Carefully remove as much soil as possible to lift the entire plant out, all the way down to the roots.

  • Place the plant in a container that is larger than the pot. This new container should have enough water suitable for irrigation. Let the plant sit there for 15 minutes, then repot it.

  • Remember to place it in the shade whenever possible. If it’s in the sun, cover it with plastic wrap and poke a few holes for it to breathe.

2. Excess water

  • Tap the pot with your hands on both sides to be able to extract the roots more easily.
  • Take the plant out very carefully and wash it.
  • Check for healthy roots. If all the roots are dark and split, the plant can no longer be saved.
  • Plant it again, not in direct sunlight, but in a well-lit place for the first few days.

3. Fungus

  • Clean the leaves of the plant.
  • Replace the pot and the substrate, eliminating any trace of moisture.
  • You can use a fungicide recommended by a specialist.

4. Insects

  • Remove any dead or sick leaves as well as stems.
  • Place it in a well-lit area, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Increase the amount of fertilizer.
  • You can use an insecticide recommended by a specialist.

Bonus: how to tell if a plant can be saved

  • Check the stems of the plant — they should be flexible, firm, and green inside.
  • The roots should be firm. If they’re soft, they won’t recover.
  • If the roots are firm but the stems are dead, cut the stems, leaving a couple of centimeters on them for the plant to grow again.
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