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7 Baby Essentials on Amazon That’ll Help All the Parents Out There Save Money

As time goes on, parenting continues to evolve, and so do the preferences of millennial parents. They become super-conscious about how they want to raise their child and what products they choose to do this with, and new products keep launching in the market to make parenting easier. 5-Minute Crafts found a few essentials. Check them out down below.

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1. Baby changing backpack

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This durable spacious bag comes with easily manageable changing pads, built-in stroller clips, and a pacifier case. It also has a laptop compartment just in case you need to carry your work on the go.

2. Plug socket covers

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These socket covers are waterproof and have an anti-grip edge and tight-fitting lugs for ensuring child safety measures in your home. These covers are designed in a way that they’re difficult to remove.

3. Child safety locks for doors and handles

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These masterpieces are designed in such a way that they don’t let kids or pets open doors — keeping them safe. You can protect your kids from going out alone, barging into dangerous rooms, and a lot more.

4. Travel booster seat

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This seat comes equipped with a swivel tray, a safety belt to keep your baby in the seat, a carrying bag where you can fold the chair up and keep it inside, and you can even wash the chair by simply throwing the cover in the washing machine.

5. Audio baby monitor

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This gadget helps you stay connected to your baby from another room —it has a 1000 ft range. It also has a two-way talk-back intercom to comfort your kid from any room. Bonus part, it bears a glowing ceiling night light that projects a starry night scene onto the ceiling.

6. Baby formula dispenser

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This airtight dispenser keeps your food fresher for a long time. It can be easily opened, closed, and sealed with a one-touch push button. The container also comes with a spoon and a scraping bar to level the formula powder. Apart from the powder, you can also store cereals, pasta, grains, and snacks in it.

7. Baby sleeping bag

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If you want something comfortable for your baby to sleep in, this baby sleeping bag is the best bet. There is no fussing about them kicking off the blankets and the cotton lining fabric makes it a soft and comfortable bag. You can also use it in car seats and strollers.

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