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7 Ways to Clean Plant Leaves

Keeping your plants clean will not only give a more harmonious atmosphere to your house or garden, but it will also help with the photosynthesis of the leaves since you’re getting rid of anything that can block their exposure to direct sunlight. A clean plant equals a healthy plant, which can make your house look more beautiful.

5-Minute Crafts has gathered 7 hacks to eliminate any dust or residue from your plants.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar can be effective when getting rid of any residue that has accumulated on the surface of the leaves. However, it shouldn’t be used very often, only when needed.

Mix ½ tsp in 67.6 oz (2 l) of water. Then, damp a cloth with the solution and carefully wipe the leaves.

Due to its pungent smell, vinegar can also repel any pests and keep pets from getting close to the plants.

2. Dish soap

If you wish to get rid of thick layers of dust, water down ¼ tsp of dish soap in 8.4 oz (250 ml) of lukewarm water. Spray the leaves with the mixture and wipe them thoroughly with a damp cloth, making sure there aren’t any soapy residues left.

3. Compressed air

Remove particles of dust and fluff from cacti, succulents, or any plants with leaf pubescence by blowing compressed air in those places that are out of reach. Keep an 11.8 inches (30 cm) distance from the plant so the cold air won’t damage its tissue.

4. Paintbrush

Clean succulents or cacti with a dry paintbrush (don’t use water or any cleaning products.)

5. Natural milk

Apart from keeping leaves clean and shiny, milk also fights off fungi such as powdery mildew.

Dilute one cup of milk in two cups of water. Clean the leaves gently with a cloth.

6. Lukewarm water

If you don’t have any other ingredients at home you can use a cloth damped in lukewarm water to wipe the dust off. You can also spray the water on the leaves. You shouldn’t use water that’s either too hot or cold.

7. Banana skin

Rub the inner part of a banana skin on the leaves to give them luster without using any chemicals and without creating any extra residue.

Some general pieces of advice

  • The fastest way to know whether you have to clean your plants is by running your fingers across the leaves. If you leave a mark on the surface or if you get dust on your fingers, then it’s time to clean them!

  • Another way is to simply check how shiny they look. A dusty plant will look opaque.

  • Clean your plants once a year during spring or summertime in areas with cold weather or when you can’t keep them outdoors due to low temperatures.

  • It’s not advisable to use leaf-shining products due to the fact that they can clog the stomata of a leaf with oils or wax, blocking the circulation of oxygen.

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