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7 Ways to Cool Down Your Home in the Summer

During the summer, the high temperatures outside take over our houses, which is why many of us love to use air conditioning to cool them down. But the issue is: not all of us have this device at home, and, even if we do, it usually entails a significant increase in the price of the electricity bill.

5-Minute Crafts offers you some practical advice to help you lower your home’s thermometer a few degrees and to make your surroundings more comfortable.

1. Open the windows in the early hours of the morning and at night

  • Allow fresh air into your home. Open the windows when the temperature is lower in the day, from 7 to 8 in the morning.
  • Repeat this later on and ventilate your home at night. Your rooms will stay cool and cooled for a few hours. This will also help you fall asleep.

2. Close windows, blinds, and curtains during hot hours

  • It’s better to keep your windows closed to prevent hot air from entering your home from noon until late afternoon. This way, you’ll keep your indoor environments fresher for longer.
  • Also, to prevent direct sunlight from heating your home, close the blinds and/or curtains on your windows. This will also allow you to reduce your exposure to intense ultraviolet rays, which could affect your health.

3. Use ceiling fans

  • A useful option to dissipate hot air in a room is to use a ceiling fan. Open the windows and turn it on at full speed. These appliances increase airflow considerably and can help cool your home quickly.

4. Place ice cubes in front of an ordinary fan

  • A small or medium fan could help you cool down while reading in your bedroom or working on your computer.
  • To keep hot air from stagnating, place a container full of ice cubes in front of a fan and turn it on.

5. Place heat-absorbing plants indoors

  • A natural alternative to mitigate high temperatures is to use indoor plants that naturally cool and oxygenate spaces.
  • Ferns, rubber trees, aloe vera, and mother-in-law’s tongue absorb heat and give your home a pleasant and comfortable humidity level in the summertime.

6. Turn off all heat generating appliances

  • Some electrical appliances radiate a large amount of energy, so they generate a lot of heat. If you keep them on or in use, the temperature inside your home will rise considerably.
  • Try to avoid using the oven, television, iron, and washing machine during the hottest hours. You’ll notice the difference in your environments.

7. Cool your mattress before going to bed

  • Your bedroom is the fundamental room when it comes to rest. If the summer heat keeps you from falling asleep, try cooling your mattress using ice packs or an insulated bag filled with ice cubes. Put it on the bed and pillows for a few minutes before going to sleep.
  • You can also dress your mattress in light-colored, thin materials, like cotton sheets, which will help wick away moisture. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable when sleeping.

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