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7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

Ants might cause a lot of damage to your house as they can ruin your furniture, spoil your food, and can sometimes even bite you. 5-Minute Crafts will show you several effective ways to get rid of them naturally and safely.

1. Cinnamon leaf essential oil

  • Take some cotton balls and saturate them with cinnamon leaf essential oil.
  • Place the cotton balls in the places where you’ve seen ants.

2. Pepper

  • Take a pepper shaker filled with black pepper or red (cayenne) pepper.
  • Sprinkle some of it around the baseboards, windowsills, behind appliances, and in all other areas infested with ants.

3. Peppermint essential oil

  • Mix 10-20 drops of peppermint essential oil with 2 cups of water.
  • Spray this mixture around the baseboards and windowsills of your home. Then let it dry.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day.

4. Oranges

  • Take a cup filled with warm water and a few orange peels.
  • Make a paste by mixing the water and the peels in a blender.
  • Spread the paste around the places where ants can enter your house.

5. White vinegar

  • Take a spray bottle and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of water to it.
  • Shake the mixture in the bottle well and then spray it directly on the ants.
  • You should also spray the mixture around your baseboards, windowsills, doorways, and other places where you see ants coming inside.
  • Repeat the procedure every few days until the ants are completely gone.

6. Coffee grounds

  • Brew your coffee as usual but save some of the used coffee grounds.
  • While the grounds are still wet, sprinkle some of them around pet bowls and other areas that can attract ants.
  • Once the coffee grounds are dry, change them out for new ones.

7. Baking soda + powdered sugar

  • Mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part powdered sugar in a bowl.
  • Then put the mixture in several shallow lids and place them in the areas where you’ve seen ants.
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