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8 Creative Ways to Repurpose Egg Cartons

If you have egg cartons, you can use them to create a lot of useful and decorative objects. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them a second life with crafts that will bring a unique touch to your home.

5-Minute Crafts will show you step-by-step how to recycle egg cartons in a practical and creative way.

1. Decorative lamp

Step 1. Wet the cardboard completely, leaving it face down. This will make it easier to shape.

Step 2. Place the wet cardboard on a square, rectangular, or circular base, depending on the shape you want to give the lamp.

Step 3. Let it dry completely.

Step 4. With a utility knife or scissors, cut the ends of the bases where the eggs rest.

Step 5. Paint it with the color of your choice and secure the structure to the base of the lamp with hot glue.

2. Frame for a photo or mirror

Step 1. Separate the bases where the eggs are kept with the help of a utility knife.

Step 2. With scissors, cut 4 lines to form the petals of the flowers without cutting the center.

Step 3. Trim the ends in a circular shape to give the appearance of a flower.

Step 4. Apply hot glue to the edges of the petals.

Step 5. Close the petals to make the center of the flower.

Step 6. Apply hot glue and adhere 2 other prepared flowers already to give your finished flower volume.

Step 7. Paint the flowers in the color of your choice.

Step 8. With a hot glue gun, attach the flowers around the outer edges of the mirror or photograph.

3. Square pot

Step 1. Pour some cement into a cardboard box. This will be used as a base for the planter.

Step 2. Using a shovel, spread the cement all over the bottom of the box to make it even. Wear gloves to protect your skin.

Step 3. Place 4 cartons, in the same size, on the sides of the box.

Step 4. In the middle, place another smaller box with something heavy, like rocks, to keep it from moving.

Step 5. Pour the cement again between the egg cartons and the small box.

Step 6. Let it dry completely and remove the entire carton with the help of a utility knife.

Step 7. Add the soil and the plant of your choice.

Step 8. Place the pot wherever you want. This design can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the space you have at home.

4. Trash can

Step 1. Form a triangle with 3 equal-sized pieces of egg carton.

Step 2. Using a screwdriver, punch 2 holes in the ends of each carton.

Step 3. With a zip tie, join the ends together.

Step 4. Trim off the zip tie excess with a pair of scissors.

Step 5. Place a triangular piece of cardboard at the bottom as a base and attach it using a hot glue gun.

Step 6. Add a bag to your trash can.

5. Organizer for drawers or for a refrigerator

Step 1. Cut the carton and keep the side where the eggs rest.

Step 2. Place on your refrigerator shelves or in your drawers to eliminate clutter and keep everything in its place.

6. Bench or seat

Step 1. Cut all of the cartons to the same size and paint them in your favorite color.

Step 2. After they have dried completely, stack them to the desired height.

Step 3. Place a cushion or pillow on top.

Step 4. Use it to sit on.

7. Support for electronic devices

Step 1. Cut the cardboard to the size you need, leaving only the side where the eggs rest.

Step 2. Place your cell phone, tablet, or computer there for ease of use and convenience.

8. Bedside table

Step 1. Dip the egg cartons in plaster and remove them.

Step 2. Wait until they are all dry.

Step 3. Put hot glue on each end where the eggs rest and stack the cartons to form a tower that is the desired height.

Step 4. Place hot glue on the 4 edges of the last carton.

Step 5. Stack a glass on top of the tower and make sure it is glued well.

Step 6. Add 2 more egg cartons and hot glue them together.

Step 7. Put another piece of glass on top of the tower and check that the whole structure is well glued.

Step 8. Use it as your bedside table.

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