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A Guide to Different Types of Ceiling Lamps

After getting furniture, house decorations, and appliances, lighting is the next thing to think about. There are many types of ceiling lights and deciding which one is right can be a confusing task. A properly selected luster can give your home greater illumination.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared a guide to help you choose your next ceiling lamp.

1. Chandelier

If you want something luxurious, a chandelier is an excellent choice. This lamp is available in a variety of styles that will complement any décor which can vary from classic to royal, trendy, or elaborate. They are typically meant to be in dining rooms, but can be used in other settings and are excellent conversation starters when visitors arrive.

2. Track and rail lighting

These lamps can be put on metal rails attached to the ceiling. They are highly customizable and can be fitted with many types of bulbs. This light is best placed in curved areas and the main difference between track and rail lighting is that the rail is capable of moving and the track shape can be changed.

3. Pendant light

This lamp hangs from the ceiling on a chain or rod and has only one bulb. It’s called this because when it is suspended, it looks like a pendant. They can be used for general area lighting in halls, family rooms, bedrooms, dining spaces, stairwells, and kitchens.

4. Flush mount lighting

This lightning is attached directly to the ceiling and shines downward. If you have a room with a low ceiling, a flush mount lamp will be an ideal choice. Thanks to its design, dust won’t get inside the bulb and cause shading. They can be used as task lighting in larger living spaces.

5. Semi-flush lights

Semi-flush lamps drop around 4-8 inches from the ceiling. These lamps give good coverage for a 10-foot ceiling. They direct the light upward and downward in the room. They can make a small living place appear bigger and their bulbs can easily be changed.

6. Spotlights

Spotlights come as individual, twin, triple, or quadruple lighting. They are usually placed in the kitchen or the bathroom. These types of lights can be secured to the ceiling or added to a track and rail.

  • Tip: Direct the lamp to point to a specific object to make it more eye-catching

7. Utility lighting

Utility lights are most commonly spotted in malls or shopping centers. They can be flushed to the ceiling or placed in single covers with LED bulbs. These lights are good at saving electricity and can be used for warehouses, stockrooms, garages, or laundry spaces.

8. Island lighting

Island lighting is specially designed to be mounted in kitchens. It hangs low from the ceiling and can transform your cooking area into a more modern and stylish-looking one. If this lamp is properly positioned, it will make a tiny room appear bigger. It comes in many designs, like antiqued brass, copper tone, and metallic.

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