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A Guide to Houseplants for Beginners

Even those who never had a houseplant may want to decorate their house with plants one day. But it just may happen that you choose a high-maintenance plant, and due to a lack of experience, your experiment may end up badly.

5-Minute Crafts put together a list of plants that even a beginner can handle.

Dracaena trifasciata

This beautiful and unfastidious plant is tolerant of low light levels and even irregular watering. In winter, it is enough to water it once every couple of months. However, the plant can rot if watered more often than it needs.

Spider plant

Another plant that is easy to care for is the spider plant. It withstands temperatures spanning anywhere from 35°F to 90°F, while the optimum temperature for it is between 65°F and 90°F. It grows fairly quickly, especially in a well-lit area, but feels fine even in a windowless office, supported by artificial light. A spider plant’s leaves are not toxic to humans or pets.

Epipremnum aureum

This beautiful plant is known for being robust while its leaves remain green, even in the dark. It’s enough to water it once every 1-2 weeks, and with the right location, its branches can grow more than 2 yards long. The plant can withstand severe conditions. It grows best in indirect light and is toxic to cats and dogs, so make sure your pets don’t have access to it.

Coffee arabica

This plant is quite easy to take care of at home — just make sure that the plant is warm and its location is well-lit. In low light, the plant will also be able to survive, but the growth rate will decrease. Coffee leaves may wilt if the plant is left unwatered for a long time, but once you water it, they will quickly regain their former appearance.

Dracaena reflexa

The Dracaena reflexa is a fairly popular houseplant, and it’s quite resistant to irregular watering. For comfortable growth, this plant requires a minimum temperature of 59°F. It is often placed in offices and workrooms because it’s inconspicuous, and it feels fine in these conditions.


This tropical plant is loved mainly for its beautiful glossy leaves and for being low-maintenance. Zamioculcas can store water in its rhizomes and use it when needed, so it’s drought tolerant. It also doesn’t need much light — a moderate amount of indirect sunlight is the best option for it.


This guide would be incomplete without a succulent. The Haworthia is quite easy to maintain. Almost all of its species are naturally adapted to semi-shade conditions (in their habitat, they tend to grow under bushes or on rock ledges). The Haworthia prefers well-drained soil, however, most of the common species of this plant are tolerant of various watering regimes. In winter, the growth of Haworthia slows down due to less light, so it can be watered less often than usual.

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