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A Guide to Sofas

The range of sofas in any modern furniture store can surprise even the most sophisticated buyers. And if you don’t know how to choose a sofa, this article is for you.

5-Minute Crafts studied the most popular models of sofas and will help you choose the most suitable option.

How to choose a sofa

If you are looking for a sofa for your home right now, then you have to take a few important things into account before visiting a store:

This simple question may surprise you. However, a lot depends on your answer. If you live alone or with a partner, you’ll hardly need a big sofa. If you often hold house parties, then it would be nice to have a sofa that can accommodate all your guests. Or maybe you are planning to use a sofa as a bed. If you have children or animals, then you should think about the upholstery material.

It’s better to double-check all the parameters several times in advance before making a purchase. Make sure you know exactly what length, height, and width the future couch should be. Also, don’t forget to measure doorways and corridors. It will be a shame if the components of the sofa don’t fit through them.

Furniture stores are full of various models of sofas. It would be wise if you decided on the required style in advance. This will make your task much easier since you will know what to look for. Classic models are suitable for a traditional style, contemporary ones for a modern style, etc. It’s much easier to choose the color because it depends on your personal preferences. But remember that the color should be one that you won’t grow tired of, as we usually buy a sofa to serve us for a number of years.


Lawson sofas are the very definition of classic. The feature of this sofa is the combination of a soft back with extra cushions. This feature makes the sofa incredibly soft and comfortable. By moving the pillows, you can create a comfortable space for yourself.

Another key feature of this type of sofa is the combination of a high back with low armrests. Your body fits naturally into the seat structure for maximum comfort.

Lawson-style sofas can easily go with almost any interior.


tuxedo sofa is a stylish and strict model. The recognizable feature of this sofa is its almost perfect rectangular shape. This sofa has high armrests that are at the same level as the straight back and connected to it at an angle of 90˚.

It may seem that this type of sofa is not very comfortable, but this is not so. This sofa has a deep seat, so you will definitely feel comfortable.

And if you don’t want your sofa to look as formal, just add some cushions.

Sectional sofa

sectional or modular sofa is a good option for a large family. This model consists of several sofa units that can be combined in any convenient way. As a rule, this sofa consists of 3-5 sections.

A sectional sofa has many advantages, from more seating space to the possibility of placing sections non-linearly and filling hard-to-reach places.

The 2 most common configurations are an L-shape and U-shape. Some companies make rounded pieces so you can have a curved sofa.


Bridgewater sofas are simple and comfortable. Despite the fact that this model was invented a long time ago, it’s quite versatile and able to fit into any interior.

Bridgewater sofas are characterized by a soft rounded back, low rounded armrests, soft loose cushions and a distinctive “skirt” that hides the legs. However, some modern manufacturers leave the legs exposed.

If you want your sofa look more unique, you can add some bright cushions and blankets.


Chesterfield sofa is easy to recognize thanks to the quilted back. In this model, the armrests are at the same level as the backrest. However, unlike tuxedo sofas, these are slightly rounded. Also, a Chesterfield sofa has a low seat and exposed legs.

In the classic version, the upholstery is made of genuine leather, but nowadays, you can find upholstery made of tweed or cotton.

Please note that this model is large in size, so it’s definitely not suitable for a small space.


loveseat sofa is a medium-sized upholstered sofa that fits 2 adults. Due to its rather small size, this model is often sold in sets with larger couches. However, it can also be purchased separately. Loveseats are suitable for small rooms and will be a comfortable place for 2 people who want to relax or watch a movie.

Nowadays, loveseats can be found in almost any style and color, with exposed or hidden legs. Therefore, if you opt for this model, you will definitely be able to find a suitable option.

A curious fact: despite the name, these sofas were not originally intended for couples in love. They were oversized chairs for ladies with large skirts.

Mid-century modern

The name of this model speaks for itself. If your interior is decorated with a modern style, this sofa is what you need. It fits perfectly into a minimalistic design.

The main features of this sofa are clear lines, a rectangular shape, a quilted back, and cushions as seats.

Nowadays, you can find contemporary versions of this model. They can use non-traditional materials for decoration, as well as the legs and buttons.


Cabriole sofas are modeled in a French style. These sofas have beautiful curved lines, so you will immediately recognize them in stores.

Another characteristic feature of this sofa is its exposed wood frame with many carved details. However, nowadays, you can find contemporary cabriole sofas without the wood trim.

To have this model, you don’t have to live in an eighteenth-century castle. This classic cabriole sofa will perfectly complement any eclectic interior.

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