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A Guide to Types of Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles and renovating your place, you face a lot of options, like shapes, colors, styles, textures, and a lot more. And sometimes we simply make a hasty or uninformed choice just to get the project done. But 5-Minute Crafts believes that the magic lies in the shape of ceramic tiles. We compiled the best ones for you below.

1. Subway

These tiles bear simple, versatile, and elegant features. As they have a glossy and glazed finish, subway tiles are very easy to maintain, stain-proof, and reflect light well.

  • Ideal for: kitchen and bathroom backsplashes
  • Available in: ceramic, stone, glass, and marble too

2. Diamond

Diamond tiles can be easily placed alongside each other to conceal the space and end up with unique design options. Out of the diamond shape, so many tile patterns are possible, such as cube, chevron, or star. These patterns make a geometric layout and suit every design. If you’re looking for a modern and minimal look, focus on a single color only.

  • Ideal for: a statement wall in your shower, bathroom floor, or kitchen backsplash

3. Round

Round ceramic tiles include patterns like bubbles and penny rounds. The latter is called penny rounds because its size is similar to pennies. They are available in lots of materials, colors, and finishes. These tiles come in sheets to make circle mosaics and they’re ideal for curved walls.

Bubble mosaics are made of differently shaped circles bearing rings and offset piercings to end up creating an amazing look. Such tiles are versatile and let you experiment with any color combination.

4. Fish scale

These tiles bear an S-like curve that seems like fish scales. This exceptional style was founded in the eighth century. Fish scale tiles are most commonly installed as backsplashes or in bathrooms. You can experiment with lots of patterns to create new looks. For example, place these tiles side by side to make rows, or you can also mismatch them and join them on the flat ends. Another variation is to create a circular pattern or fan them out.

  • Ideal for: backsplashes and bathrooms

5. Hexagon

Hexagon tiles can be arranged in such a way that they can create a cohesive look. These tiles originated in the nineteenth century and are available in both small and big sizes, where the former is used for mosaic designs and the latter makes the room look bigger.

Hexagon tiles are charming and classic and leave an elegant vibe in your space. You can experiment with this style by mixing it with diamond tiles to create an exceptional look.

  • Ideal for: floors and walls

6. Craftsman

These tiles are made up of both squares and rectangles. This pattern emerged in Roman times and is still deemed classic.

  • Ideal for: homes that follow craftsman-style vibes

7. Basket weave

If you’re seeking a classic, Grecian, or Mediterranean style with tiles, then the basket weave pattern is best. This style also uses squares and rectangles but in a way that looks like a woven basket.

  • Ideal for: small areas, like shower flooring

8. Mod mosaics

If you love to experiment with different shapes, like squares, rectangles, and circles, this style is the best. The tiles in Mod mosaics are installed in such a way that it gives away a clean and unified look. Combining neat lines and curvy colors that pop also casts eye-pleasing geometry that enhances the entire space. You can also think of it as a modern retro dream.

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