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How Apartments Are Different From Flats

Apartments and flats are often mixed up. This is mainly because the same word can have different meanings depending on your country.

5-Minute Crafts wants to help clear things up and find out the difference between apartments and flats.

What is a flat?

A flat is generally a unit of one or several rooms in one living space located on one level and has all the necessary things for comfortable living. Such homes are part of a bigger building that has many similar flats.

When living in a flat, you might be obligated to pay utility bills to keep the common areas clean and functional — for example, expenses for maintaining or repairing an elevator.

Usually, flats relate to real estate, which determines the type of tax you’ll pay and your rights. For example, your kids may be allocated slots in the nearest school based on your registered address.

What is an apartment?

Typically, apartments are more luxurious and for a higher, more comfortable living standard than flats. When a living space is located on several floors (such as duplexes), there’s a high chance it will be called an apartment. At the same time, several apartments can be located inside one building.

If you live in an apartment, you might have additional expenses. Modern apartment buildings may provide residents with access to shared spaces — such as a gym, recreation area, or swimming pool — for additional payment.

In some countries, apartments can be a part of commercial property. If the home refers to commercial property, it’s worth clarifying what taxes should be paid by the tenant and whether they can be registered at this address.

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