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How to Choose a Bathtub

When you’re considering remodeling a bathroom, it’s not only about choosing a bathtub that gives a classy look to the room, but it’s also opting for the one that fulfills the needs for your optimal relaxation. So, 5-Minute Crafts covers everything right from the type of the bathtub, its materials, and what you can do if you have a smaller bathroom, to make your bathing experience an ultimate one.

Factors to consider before buying a bathtub

Bathtub style

  1. Alcove tubs: Alcove tubs are installed in corners but need three-sided wall support. They’re also a tad bit cheaper than corner tubs. These tubs are ideal for apartments and smaller bathrooms as they take up less space and can be combined into a shower combo too.
  2. Freestanding tubs: These tubs can be placed anywhere. They don’t need any wall for support and are the easiest to install as well. They’re ideal if you have a larger bathroom.
  3. Corner tubs: As the name suggests, these tubs fit well in two-wall corners. They’re triangular in shape. They’re ideal for relaxation, meditation, and calming soaks.
  4. Walk-in tubs: These tubs make it easier to climb in and out of the tub. Here the user can walk in and sit down in the tub with zero fear of slipping. Grab-bars and door latches are also available if you wish to install this tub. Ideal for homes with an elderly person.

5. Undermount tubs: These tubs are installed underneath the surrounding deck to give a uniform look in the bathroom as the rim is hidden as well. Undermount tubs need the most amount of installation.

6. Drop-in tubs: They’re the same as undermount tubs, but installed in a carved-out area and then sealed in, making the rim visible. These tubs give a more finished look as well.

7. Clawfoot tubs: As the name suggests, these tubs are supported by claws or legs and are the most traditional choice of all tubs. These tubs commonly come with a roll-top for neck and arm support.

8. Bateau tubs: The word “bateau” derives from French the word for boat. So, these tubs have a boat-like build, but come with raised edges to support the backs of two occupants. In other words, these tubs can bathe two people at a time.

9. Whirlpool tubs: Such tubs come with self-contained jets. They can either be air or water jets, but their aim is to create a massage sensation for the users to relax in. They’re ideal for long soaks.

10. Oval tubs: These tubs have a round shape and are symmetrical like wash basins. They’re ideal for apartments and smaller homes where the bathroom space is premium. It creates a modern look as it contrasts nicely against the sharper corners and edges in your bathroom.

11. Slipper tubs: They’re similar to the bateau and freestanding tubs that come with a higher edge on one end. It provides relief to both the head and neck. They can also have legs like clawfoot tubs and have a roll-top or curved top rim for more support.

12. Air tubs: They’re like whirlpool tubs, but they use their jets in the bathwater to form a bubbling sensation rather than a massaging sensation. These tubs don’t need frequent cleaning and are ideal for those who need a quick massage.



  1. Freestanding, bateau, and slipper bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 2.5ft wide (30in), and 1.89ft deep (19in)
  2. Alcove, drop-in, and undermount bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 2.5ft wide (30in), and 1.3ft deep (16in)
  3. Corner bathtubs: 5ft by 5ft (60in by 60in) and 1.6ft deep (20in)
  4. Walk-in bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 2.5ft wide (30in), and 2.5ft deep (30in)
  5. Clawfoot bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 2.5ft wide (30in), and 2ft deep (24in)
  6. Oval bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 3.4ft wide (41in), and 2ft deep (24in)
  7. Whirlpool bathtubs: 5ft long (60in), 2.7ft wide (32in), and 1.5ft deep (18in)

Bonus: Additional factors to consider

  • If you’re very keen on the measurements of the bathtub, you can take a tape measure with you and measure the dimensions as shown in the image above. The gist is to buy a tub that must fit properly into your bathroom space.
  • If you’re over 6ft tall, then look for oversized tubs that are at least 5.8ft (70in) long.
  • If you have a small bathroom, then fit the shower along with the bath so that it serves a double purpose: quick showers and long soaks. You can go for wall-mounted or ceiling-fitted showers, but ensure to get one that is easy to use.
  • You can also create more space in small bathrooms by putting up a glass partition rather than a shower curtain. It also lets the light in.
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