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How to Choose a Bed

Picking out a bed is not something you should rush, as it’s the place where we spend our entire nights after hard days at work. Therefore, you should take into account many details, including the size of your bedroom and your budget, before making a purchase.

5-Minute Crafts made a short guide that will help you choose the right size, materials, and bed type.

How to choose the right size

The size of your bedroom determines the size of your bed. It’s impractical to buy something that will be too big for the bedroom. It’s necessary for there to be enough free space for other furniture, not just for you to move around in.

💡 If your bedroom is very small, a king-size bed won’t fit there in any way. A murphy bed or sofa bed will be a better option.

Bed sizes may vary from country to country, and the same applies to different manufacturers:

  • Single bed — 38.5 × 74.5 inches
  • Double bed — 53.5 × 74.5 inches
  • Queen-size bed — 60 × 79.5 inches
  • King-size bed — 76 × 79.5 inches

The materials a bed can be made from

  • Pine: This softwood is available in many unusual designs and a wide range of colors.
  • Oak: Since oak is hardwood, bed frames made from it are generally strong and durable.
  • Metal: There are literally hundreds of designs on the market in every color imaginable, from traditional to ultra-modern.
  • Leather: Such beds are popular for their attractive look and comfort. Different kinds of leather can be used, including faux leather. The color range is also quite versatile.
  • Upholstery: Back in style, upholstered bed frames combine stunning looks with warm, soft finishes. With the help of this material, you can complement any bedroom design.

How to choose the bed type

You can opt for an ordinary model with a frame and mattress. In this case, the mattress will be located either on a solid base (for example, on wooden slats), or a spring base. A bed can also have a headboard and footboard. Additionally, some decorative elements can be used, like a canopy.

There are other bed types that can suit you better, as you can explore in the following options.

  • The divan bed consists of 2 parts: a base and a mattress. It’s usually placed on casters for easy maneuverability. It may also contain storage drawers. Sofa beds are very popular, and many people prefer them over modern frame beds. It’s an excellent value for your money that offers a wide variety of extra features.
  • Murphy bed has one main difference: that it’s stored vertically, either pressed against a wall or placed in a closet. It’s worth handling with extreme caution so that it doesn’t accidentally fall off its hinges. You should also be careful not to get yourself locked up after the structure is upright.
  • An ottoman bed is ideal for those looking for extra storage space. With the help of a gas-hydraulic system, the storage space can be accessed by lifting the mattress from the side or bottom, revealing a larger compartment within the bed.
  • An adjustable bed is most often used in hospitals but can also be used at home. Thanks to the built-in hinges, the bed can take different positions. The adjustments include lifting the upper body and lower limbs independently of each other. You can also adjust the height or tilt the bed. There are double models with separate mattresses so that everyone can adjust their part to their liking.
  • bunk bed has a second frame that’s stacked on top of the first, allowing 2 beds to occupy the space, which is normally required for only one. This is a good option for bedrooms with several children, where free space is especially important.
  • loft bed is also considered a bunk bed that has only a top bunk. A free space underneath can be occupied by drawers, a cabinet, or a work area. This bed allows for the optimization of space in a small bedroom.

💡 Beds can also be temporary, such as an inflatable mattress or folding camp cot. There are models that have neither a mattress nor a frame, such as a hammock.

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