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How to Choose a Dining Table to Fit As Many People As Possible

What do you do when you have a lot of people over and your table doesn’t fit all of them? It turns out that there are a few unexpected solutions not only when you are making a seating plan but also when you’re buying a new table. Even a small table can take more people than it seems.

5-Minute Crafts is going to explain how to fit all of your guests behind the table that is already in your dining room or how to choose a new one.

Types of table shapes

  • Square and rectangular. These are the most popular options and there are different sizes and styles. They can expand in size if needed thanks to the hidden additional constructions. The advantage of these tables is that they can be moved right to the wall to save space or move from the wall when you need additional seats. Besides, there’s more room for silverware.
  • Round and oval. These tables are good because they have no corners and they can save some space in small rooms. They make the room look more spacious. Round shapes are believed to attract attention, so they can switch the attention from other objects in the room. When choosing these shapes, it’s recommended to leave some space around the table for the chairs.


The more mechanisms there are in a table, the higher the chance it will break.

Thin lines and light colors can turn even the biggest table into an elegant object.

Which shape to choose

There is a simple rule: compare the proportions of the table with the proportions of the room it will be in.

Round tables are not very good for rectangular rooms but they are good for square rooms.

Oval, rectangular, and rectangular tables with rounded corners are good in an elongated room.

How to fit a lot of people around one table

  • A round shape is a good option for conversations and parties. It helps fit a lot of people around the perimeter of the table and there will be no head. This is why it’s the most comfortable shape for conversations because everyone is equally far from each other.
  • A table you can expand when needed is a good choice if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space.
  • Thin table legs (or if they are in the corners) allow you to place an additional chair.
  • If you have a trestle table, you should have enough room for your knees.
  • Using benches instead of big chairs allows you to place more people than usual. Another advantage is that you can easily move them under the table to make more space.
  • square table won’t allow you to fit that many people but you can push 2 square tables together to make a big one.
  • If you remove all the decorations from the table, you will make more space for plates.
  • If there are a lot of children among your guests, you can organize a kid’s table. This way, the kids will be together and make more space for the adults.
  • Try using smaller plates. You can provide multiple servings so that nobody is hungry.
  • An alternative to a regular table with food can be a buffet. In this case, even the smallest table can fit a lot of courses and appetizers.
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