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How to Clean a Down Jacket Without Washing It

How to Clean a Down Jacket Without Washing It

Each of us can probably find a down jacket in our wardrobe. These have become popular thanks to their usability and versatility. The majority of modern down jackets can be washed in a washing machine, but still, it’s not recommended to wash them too often.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how to clean a down jacket without washing it.

The things you’ll need to clean a down jacket at home

You’ll need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Stain remover or cleaning cloths
  • Down wash or delicate detergent
  • Micellar water
  • Cotton discs and Q-tips
  • A brush
  • A soft lint-free cloth
  • A plastic wash basin
  • A hanger

Choose the correct detergents.

It’s recommended to use gentle detergents for washing and cleaning a down jacket. Regular detergent can wash off special oil from down feathers. There are even special down washes. If they are not available, use wool and silk gel or detergent for delicate fabrics. For tough stains, you can use a stain remover. But it should be non-aggressive and chlorine-free.

Important! Before starting to clean, test all the products you’ve prepared on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric, like, for example, the area next to the zipper on the wrong side.

Remember, you must wear rubber gloves when working with cleaning agents.

Get your down jacket prepared.

Get your down jacket prepared for cleaning:

  • Remove everything from the pockets. A forgotten receipt or candy wrapper can get wet, and you’ll get an unpleasant surprise.
  • Pull up the zipper and fasten all the buttons.
  • Take a clean brush and brush the entire surface of the down jacket with it. This way, you’ll clean the jacket of dust or small debris, if there is any.
  • Wipe the down jacket with a soft, clean cloth. This way, you can be sure that there is definitely no dirt left on it.

Identify problem areas.

Examine the down jacket for stains carefully. The collar, pockets, and cuffs are usually the dirtiest, but stains can also be found in other areas. It’s important that you pay attention to them.

Remove the stains.

Start removing the stains:

  • Put the jacket on an even, clean surface.
  • Put on rubber gloves.
  • Wipe the stain with a wet, soft cloth.
  • Apply a stain remover.
  • Rub it in slightly with your finger and leave it there for the time indicated on the bottle. You can also use a foam stain remover. It will be even more effective here.
  • Fill the basin with water at room temperature.
  • Get a clean sponge.
  • Remove the stain remover from the fabric carefully.
  • Remove the water from the basin and fill it with clean water.
  • Take a sponge or soft cloth and wash the fabric around the stain to avoid streaks.

Micellar water can help remove makeup stains on the collar. But it shouldn’t contain any dyes. Moisten a cotton disc with micellar water and apply it to the stain. Let it sit for a minute and then rub the stain a little. Repeat if necessary.

Work with important areas.

As a rule, down jackets get dirty in the areas of ​​the collar, pockets, and especially the sleeves. We put our phones, keys, and other little things into our pockets, and we don’t always use clean hands to zip and unzip the jacket. And our face and hair touch the collar all the time. Therefore, pay special attention to these areas when cleaning.

Clean problem areas:

  • Fill the basin with water at room temperature.
  • Dilute a bit of detergent suitable for washing a down jacket.
  • Take a clean sponge or soft lint-free cloth and dampen it slightly.
  • Start cleaning the stained areas of the fabric with a sponge or cloth.
  • Use a soft brush if the sponge can’t handle the stains. A medium-bristled toothbrush can be used instead of a clothes brush. Don’t use a coarse brush for cleaning the fabric.
  • If some stains are stubborn, apply a little stain remover to them.

Clean off all the fabric.

Start cleaning the jacket:

  • Fill the basin with clean water at room temperature.
  • Dilute a gentle detergent in it.
  • Dampen a sponge or soft lint-free cloth and start cleaning the jacket. Don’t pour too much water onto it because it can lead to streaks or make the down wet.
  • Rub the fabric thoroughly, avoiding all embellishments.
  • You can additionally clean the jacket with a clothes brush. Move the brush from the top down.
  • If there is embroidery or crystals on the jacket and you can see dirt around them, carefully remove it with a Q-tip.

Don’t make the fur embellishments wet, even if the fur is fake. This can ruin their looks. You also shouldn’t rub the embroidery or crystals with a coarse brush.

Remove the detergent.

Rinse off the detergent thoroughly from the down jacket:

  • Rinse the basin and cloth. There should be no detergent left in them.
  • Pour room temperature water into the basin.
  • Dampen a soft cloth, and start wiping the down jacket.
  • If the water in the basin becomes soapy, replace it with clean water.
  • Run a damp, clean cloth thoroughly over the entire surface of the down jacket.

Life hack: If soap streaks remain on the jacket after cleaning, a spray bottle can help. Pour clean water into it and spray on the desired areas. Then immediately wipe them well with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth.

Dry the down jacket.

After such cleaning, the down inside the jacket should remain almost dry. Take a hanger and hang your jacket on it. It’s better to dry the jacket on the balcony. If this option is not for you, leave it in a well-ventilated room. You can also shake the jacket from time to time to evenly distribute the insulation.

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