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How to Clean a Stretch Ceiling

Cleaning your stretch ceiling is an unusual task. There’s an opinion that these ceilings require cleaning only if something has been splashed on them. However, for example, the kitchen ceiling can become very dirty, and splashes from the cooking process or even soot may appear on it. So it’s recommended to clean the ceilings from dust once every 2-3 years.

5-Minute Crafts explains how to clean a stretch ceiling properly and offers some tips that will help protect it from both dirt and damage.


What you’ll need:

  • flat head mop (can be replaced with a bristle mop)
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • basin
  • warm water
  • liquid soap

Additionally, you can prepare:

  • spray bottle
  • stepladder

Cleaning process

  1. Make a mild soapy solution: 1 tbsp of soap per 1/4 gallons of warm water. If you’re using a spray bottle, dilute 0.5 tsp of soap in 1/20 gallons of water.

  2. Dampen the cloth for the mop in warm soapy water.

  3. Put the cloth back on the mop.

  4. Start washing the ceiling after having divided it into squares in your head. We recommend moving from one corner to another or from the walls to the center of the ceiling.

5. Never press on the ceiling, act delicately.

6. If using the mop is not enough to remove some of the stains, use a soft microfiber cloth. Rub the stains with it using your hands. To do this, you’ll need a stepladder. It’s safer to wash the stretch ceiling with your hands than to use a mop, although this method will take longer.

7. To remove streaks, rinse the soap off the mop cloth and wipe the ceiling again moving from the walls to the center of the ceiling.

8. Dry the ceiling with a clean cloth.


  • To clean the stretch ceiling, never use abrasive products, acetone, alkalis, solvents, chlorinated liquids, washing powders, laundry soap, salt, or baking soda.

  • Make sure that no sharp objects touch the ceiling.

  • Clean with a lint-free, microfiber, or flannel cloth. Don’t use brushes or hard sponges.

  • To clean the ceiling, you don’t have to only use special products or soap solutions. You can use a liquid for cleaning windows, that contains ammonia.

  • You can make the cleaning solution yourself from ammonia and water. To do this, mix these ingredients in a 1: 9 ratio. This solution is not suitable for cleaning matte ceilings — use it only for glossy or satin ones.

  • You can use dish detergent to wash the stretch ceiling.

  • Fabric ceilings are best cleaned using a dry cleaning method.

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