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How to Clean Kitchen Utensils

A lot of things can happen to your utensils, they can get dirty, burnt, and even rusty. 5-Minute Crafts will now show you what you can do to solve each of these problems.

1. Place the pan over medium heat.

2. Add water. It should be enough to cover the burnt part.

3. Add dish soap. Let it boil.

4. Once it has boiled, set it aside, and allow it to cool down.

5. Take the water out of the pan and scrub the pan with the help of a scouring pad.

6. Rinse the pan.

1. Add 2 tsp of baking soda to a bowl.

2. Add a few drops of water.

3. Make a paste.

4. With a help of a cloth, rub the mixture into the utensils.

5. Rinse and dry.

1. Scrub the knife lightly with steel wool.

2. Fill a big cup with vinegar.

3. Leave the knife inside the cup for 5 minutes.

4. Clean the knife off with a sponge.

1. Put baking soda all over the pan.

2. Put some white vinegar on it.

3. Cover every part of the pan with this mixture using a sponge. Leave the mixture on the sheet pan and let it sit for around 30 minutes.

4. Take a scouring pad and loosen everything up by scrubbing it lightly.

5. Rinse everything off and then keep scrubbing with the scouring pad until the sheet pan is clean.

1. Rinse the pan with hot water.

2. Add some salt and a little bit of water.

3. Scrub the pan with a towel or a chain mail scrubber.

4. Rinse with water and then wipe it dry.

5. Place it on the stove until it becomes hot.

6. Once it’s hot, turn off the heat, and coat the pan with canola oil. Wipe off the excess oil.

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