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How to Clean Your Home in 15 Minutes

Not everyone is ready to clean their home every day, and is it really worth spending time on this? Many household chores can be done just once a week, but some little things require immediate attention: for example, dirty dishes and scattered items of clothing create a feeling of chaos, and make the space uncomfortable.

5-Minute Crafts decided to find out how to make your home clean and cozy in just 15 minutes.

Define your triggers of cleanliness

Each person has their own understanding of cleanliness: for some, it’s a polished kitchen sink, for others, it’s no stains on the bathroom mirror, and then there are those who like neatly folded clothes.

Make a list of the things you pay attention to first. To make it easier, start with: what specifically makes you feel uncomfortable in this or that room? You need to know your triggers in order to use your time more efficiently.

Change the smell

All 5 senses participate in our perception of our environment, so don’t just rely on your sight, but also on your sense of smell when cleaning.

First of all, open the windows and let fresh air into the rooms. If this is not enough, use fragrances — candles, diffusers, or home perfumes. Lemon, tea tree, and eucalyptus are considered to be the cleanest-smelling essential oils, but you can use whatever scent you like the most.

Collect scattered things

Things constantly migrate from one room to another, creating a sense of chaos. It can take too long to pick each one up and put it back in place. Take a basket or box instead, and walk around your home, picking up all the scattered items.

If you don’t want to sort them immediately, just postpone the task by placing the container in any free corner. Or you can immediately walk around your home with it, putting the items onto shelves and into the drawers where they belong.

Check your floors

If you feel dust or dirt under your feet when walking around your home, you don’t have to grab a bucket and a mop. There are a couple of easier solutions:

  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the areas with the highest traffic — along with the kitchen furniture, the sofa, and near the front door.
  • Throw a wet cloth on the floor and quickly wipe the floor with your foot — this will help to collect most of the dust.

⚠️ Bonus for those who have a robot vacuum: just start it and enjoy the result.

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