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How to Cut Onions Without Tears: 7 Ways

Some of us don’t even know what’s like to cut an onion without crying. This happens because onions release irritants directly to our eyes. 5-Minute Crafts has 7 effective solutions, so you will never have to cry again when chopping your onions.

1. Use a sharp knife

sharp knife will be less damaging to cell walls and will end up releasing less irritants.

2. Chill the onions

Chill the onions in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before cutting them. This will prevent the compounds from rising toward your eyes.

3. Cut under cold water

Cold water lowers the temperature of the onion and consequently reduces the amount of irritants reaching your eyes.

4. Chop near a small fan

The circulating air that comes from the fan will blow away the irritant compounds present in the onions, so they don’t reach your eyes.

5. Cut the root last

When cutting the onion, save the root for last. The root has a higher concentration of enzymes and cutting it last can prevent you from a crying session.

6. Keep the exposed cuts away from you

Start by cutting your onion in half, and as soon as you do this, turn both halves down. The side you will cut last should remain unpeeled. Once you slice the first half, move it into a prep bowl. The trick is to never have exposed parts facing your eyes for very long.

7. Use onion goggles

If none of the above work for you, you can always buy onion goggles, which can be found in specialty cooking shops or home stores.

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