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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are a very convenient invention, but there’s one problem — they are hard to fold. However, there is a way to fold them nicely and so they don’t take up a lot of space.

5-Minute Crafts offers several ways to fold a fitted sheet easily and quickly.

Way № 1

  • Put the sheet on a flat surface with the bottom up.

  • Make 2 corners on one side inside out.

  • Fold the sheet in half.

  • Put the inside-out corners into the corners on the opposite side of the sheet.

  • Then, make 2 corners inside out on one side again.

  • Put them into the opposite ones.

  • Spread the sheet and fold the edges toward the center.

Completion: Way № 1

  • Fold the opposite ends toward the center again.

  • One of the edges should look like an envelope.

  • Put the opposite end into the space. This will stop the sheet from opening up.

Completion: Way № 2

  • Make a simple roll.

Way № 2

  • Fold the sheet in half so that the bottom is on the outside.

  • Spread the folded sheet on a flat surface.

  • Fold the sheet 3 times along the long side.

  • On the back, there should be a pocket.

  • If the shape is too wide, fold the edges toward the center again.

  • The pocket on the back should still be there.

  • Start rolling the sheet.

  • The pocket should be facing you.

  • Turn out the pocket to fold the entire sheet inside.

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