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How to Grow Your Own Food Easily

If you want to grow your own vegetable garden or improve the appearance of your plants, you can do it in a very simple way. There are ways to accelerate the germination of seeds extracted from the fruits or vegetables you eat every day, for example. There are also simple tips that help to give life to the plants you already have with optimal results.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing some easy homemade tricks so you can grow a beautiful and healthy garden without complications.

1. Grow your own mushrooms.

  1. Place a layer of used coffee grounds in a glass container (it can be a jar).
  2. Break up a couple of mushrooms you have at home with your hands. Cover them with more used coffee.
  3. Finally, place in a few dry leaves and cover the container. Wait a few days and the mushrooms will start to grow.

2. Grow a mango plant.

  1. Open the pit of the mango and extract the seed from inside.
  2. Wrap the seed in kitchen paper and place it in an airtight bag. Wait a few days.
  3. Remove the germinated mango seed, as it’s now ready to be planted.

3. Germinate grape seeds.

  1. Extract the seeds from the grapes you have at home. Wrap them in a piece of dark friseline cloth and moisten them.
  2. Wait a few days and extract the germinated seeds — they’re ready for planting.

4. Grow beets.

1. Cut a beet in half. Place the top part in a deep dish. Moisten it using a spray bottle.

2. When the new plant begins to grow, place it in a pot with compost.

5. Grow your own lettuce.

  1. Drill holes in the lid of an airtight container that you no longer use. Fill it to the brim with water and cover it.
  2. Place the stem of the lettuce plants you used in the kitchen in each hole. Let the new plants take root.

6. Get your own alfalfa sprouts.

  1. Place alfalfa seeds in a bottle with water. Make holes in the lid with the help of a pin and cap the bottle.
  2. Remove all the water from the bottle through the pierced lid. Let the bottle with the seeds rest for 2 days.
  3. Cut the bottle and remove the alfalfa sprouts. Enjoy as you like.

7. Germinate tomato seeds.

  1. Using tweezers, remove the seeds from a tomato.
  2. Make a shallow slit in a sponge. Moisten it and place the seeds inside the opening.
  3. Wait a day, then remove the germinated seeds. Plant them in fertile soil and water regularly.

8. Grow your own strawberries.

  1. Cut a strawberry lengthwise (the seeds are on the outside of the fruit).
  2. Plant the piece in compost and water periodically.

9. Grow green onions.

  1. Cut the onions in half and place them on the surface of a pot with fertile soil.
  2. Moisten regularly until the stems begin to sprout.

10. Germinate beans

  1. Use a large tree leaf. Place a handful of beans in the center of the leaf. Moisten them.
  2. Wrap the leaf as if it were a package and fasten it with an elastic band. Wait a few days.
  3. Open the package and remove the germinated seeds, ready for planting.

11. Grow your own orange tree.

  1. Remove the seeds from an orange. Wrap them in kitchen paper and moisten them.
  2. When the seeds germinate, fill the orange peel with compost and bury the seeds in it.
  3. Plant the peel in a pot and water periodically.

12. Get more succulents.

  1. Remove the lower leaves from your succulent plant. Fill a glass container to the brim with water.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap, secure with an elastic band, and poke holes in it. Place a leaf in each hole. When you see the roots grow, plant them in a pot.

Other tips for caring for and making the plants you already have look better

1. Use a watermelon as a pot.

  1. Cut a watermelon in half, remove the pulp, and fill it with compost.
  2. Place the plant of your choice inside and water it.

2. Revive your houseplants.

  • If your houseplants look dull and lifeless, bury a couple of nails in the pot. Within a few days, you’ll see your plants looking fresh and beautiful again.

3. Make leaves shiny.

  1. Spread some softened butter on the leaves of your houseplants.
  2. Spread it all over the surface until the leaves look glossy.

4. Revive old roots.

  1. Remove the plant from the pot.
  2. Soak the roots in a bowl of water to remove any remaining dry soil.
  3. Replace the plant in its pot with new soil.

5. Protect new seedlings.

  • When planting germinated seeds, place a plastic bottle with the base and top cut off. The bottle helps protect the seedlings from the weather until they are tall enough. Then you can remove it.
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