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How to Iron Sheets

Ironing sheets doesn’t have to be long and annoying. The right approach and a few simple tricks can help you considerably speed up the process. And 5-Minute Crafts will help you figure out the techniques you can use to iron your sheets fast and get the best results.

1. Preparing the sheets and the iron

Consider following these steps to prepare sheets for ironing after washing them:

  1. Take the sheet out of the dryer before it dries completely. With a damp (not wet) sheet, you’ll have an easier time smoothing creases.
  2. Heat up your iron on the steam setting, but don’t make it very hot for your type of fabric to avoid scorching it once you start ironing (see the note below). If you are unsure about whether the temperature is right when you start ironing, think about ironing a small section first.
  3. Fold the sheet lengthwise into rectangles (quarters). If you have fitted sheets, tuck elastic corners into one another and secure them over the ironing board.
  4. Have starch spray at hand if your steam iron doesn’t have a spraying function because it will come in handy later.

Note: Regarding the fabric type, check its label. 3 dots allow you to iron at a high temperature and use steam. 2 dots call for medium temperature and gentle pressure. One dot means that you can iron at a low temperature while avoiding steam. Finally, X means that you shouldn’t iron the material to avoid risking damage.

2. Ironing

The recommended ironing procedure after folding the top sheet crosswise into 4 layers is:

  1. Lay the sheet flat.
  2. Smooth out approximately 1 square foot of the sheet at a time from one end to the other.
  3. When you’re done with a 1 square foot section, start working on another while it’s still folded and continue until you finish the whole quarter of the sheet. Then you’re done.

Note: If the sheet dries during ironing, spray it with starch, which gives the sheet a nice feel when you finish smoothing it.

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