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How to Keep Your House Clean: Checklist

Cleaning the house doesn’t just make your home look organized but keeps the environment healthier for your family as well. So, 5-Minute Crafts prepared a detailed room-by-room, daily, weekly, monthly, and even seasonal checklist to help you to keep your abode sparkly every time. Don’t forget to begin by putting on your cleaning playlist.

Daily cleaning checklist

Weekly cleaning checklist

Monthly cleaning checklist

Seasonal cleaning checklist

Bonus: Top-to-bottom cleaning method

This method states that you can clean the house from up to down. If there is some dust on the top cabinets, it will move to the floor when cleaning. So when you clean the ground first, then the cabinets, you may have to clean the floor all over again. Hence, try beginning from the top of the blinds, cabinets, etc. and then clean all the way down to the windows, furniture, and then eventually, the floor.

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