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How to Make House Appliances Last Longer

How to Make House Appliances Last Longer

House appliances can help us get a lot of tasks done without much effort. However, as time goes by, these can get damaged and be very expensive to replace. Fortunately, there are certain things we can do to maintain them and extend their life expectancy.

5-Minute Crafts will show you the average life span for some of the most common household appliances and how to make them last longer.


🔶 Average lifespan: Compact refrigerators can last up to 9 years, while regular refrigerators have an average life expectancy of 13 years.

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Clean the seal that goes around the door. Crumbs and spills may affect the way the door closes in order to maintain the cold air inside and the warm air out of your fridge.

✅ Once a year, vacuum the condenser coils located on the back or bottom of your fridge. Before doing so, make sure to unplug it and turn off all the water lines if your refrigerator has a water or ice dispenser. In this case, it’s advisable to read the instructions in the maintenance guide for your fridge.

Defrost your freezer if necessary. Keep in mind that the ice buildup should never go further than 1/4 of an inch thick. Make sure that the freezer vents are always clear and clean.

🚫 Don’t pack your fridge too full. This may help the air flow freely and prevent the compressor from working overtime.

Washing machine

🔶 Average lifespan: 10 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Replace the fill hoses every 4 or 5 years. As they get older, they may wear out and burst, causing a lot of water damage in your home.

Check all the pockets in your clothes and remove coins, pens, gum wrappers, or any other loose items. These can affect the lifespan of the drum.

Place your washing machine on a level, well-supported surface to avoid excessive vibration.

✅ Make sure that your clothes are loaded evenly when putting them into the washing machine.

Run a cleanser cycle once a month by setting your washing machine at the hottest water temperature, adding 1/2 cup of baking soda, and letting it work as usual without any clothes.

🚫 Don’t overload your washing machine, as this can result in burning up the motor faster.

Vacuum cleaner

🔶 Average lifespan: between 3 and 10 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Clean the vacuum filters and replace the bag when necessary.

Keep motorized brushes clean and without any hair tangled in them, as this may overstress the motor.

🚫 Don’t run the vacuum over its cord to avoid electric hazards.

🚫 Don’t vacuum large or sharp items, as these may damage the components of your appliance.

🚫 Don’t let the bag or bin get packed to the brim.


🔶 Average lifespan: 9 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Use the microwave door gently.

Stick to pre-programmed times in order to avoid damage caused by misplaced numbers.

🚫 Don’t put metal utensils in your microwave as this can cause sparks and irreparable issues.

🚫 Don’t let food spills sit for too long. Clean up any food residue as soon as possible, as these may attract energy when running your microwave and, as a consequence, damage the spots where the leftover stains are.

🚫 Don’t run your microwave when it’s empty. While it’s perfectly okay to do so with other appliances for cleaning purposes, this practice can damage microwaves by causing burns to the inside.

❗ When cleaning your microwave, be careful with the mesh located on the inner door, as this component keeps radiation away from your kitchen. If it’s broken, make sure to get it fixed.

Gas range or stove

🔶 Average lifespan: 15 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Inspect the flames regularly to maintain your range. If it’s working properly, there will be a steady blue flame. If you see a yellow or orange flame, remove any food particles from the range burner as soon as possible.

Replace the seals around the oven door if you notice any damage on them. This will prevent the heat from escaping and, therefore, your oven from working harder to keep the desired temperature.

Keep the oven clean, without any food buildup.

🚫 Don’t place foil on the bottom surface of the oven to catch grease or other food spills. This may affect the distribution of heat and cover the fans within your oven.


🔶 Average lifespan: 9 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Make sure that all utensils and dishes are properly placed to prevent them from catching and damaging the spray arms.

Clean manual-clean filters regularly to keep them free of food buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing so. Don’t forget about the door gasket and the spray arm.

Wait until your dishwasher is full before running it.

Use the cleaning cycle once a month.

🚫 Don’t let food leftovers go into the dishwasher, as these may clog your appliance.


🔶 Average lifespan: 13 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Keep the filter clean.

Pay attention to the type of duct your dryer has. If it’s a plastic or foil duct, get a metal one to replace it. Even though these may be more expensive, they will not get damaged over time.

Use the moisture sensor feature as this will help reduce energy consumption and save time.

Air conditioner

🔶 Average lifespan: between 12 and 15 years

🔷 Tips to make it last longer:

Change the air filters once a month.

Keep your air conditioner clean and remove any mud or debris from the condenser.

Make sure that furniture and drapes do not block the airflow.

Place it away from direct sun or from other heating appliances.

Get professional assistance from time to time to check your air conditioner and identify any functioning issues.

🚫 Don’t keep your air conditioner on if you’re not using it.

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