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How to Plant Lavender

Lavender has been used since ancient Egypt and is a welcome addition to any garden. This perennial flower, native to the Mediterranean, has shown several benefits regarding insomnia, anxiety, and even acne.

Because of that, 5-Minute Crafts came up with a step-by-step guide for planting and growing lavender.

Before planting

Before planting your lavender, make sure to water it in its nursery pot 1 hour before.

Choosing a sunny location is key. Because lavender requires full sun for at least 6 hours to thrive, where you plant it is vital. Pick a spot in your garden where the plant will receive a lot of light daily.

The soil pH is also important. Lavender has a preference for alkaline soil — a minimum of 6.5 or higher. So before planting, measure the soil’s pH to make sure it’s suitable for the plant to thrive. pH test kits or meters are easy to use and readily available for purchase for a low price online or in stores.

Planting lavender

Step 1: Be sure your lavender is healthy and has developed root systems in its nursery pot. If you notice the roots clinging, feel free to shake them gently.

Step 2: In your chosen planting location, begin by digging a hole twice as deep and double as wide as the root of the plant you purchased.

Step 3: Proceed to plant it, making the top of the root ball and the soil line even. Around the plant, place the backfill soil and press firmly.

Step 4: If you happen to be planting more than one lavender plant, or in case you want to plant more in the future, leave about 5 to 6 feet between each to guarantee optimal air circulation and allow all of the plants to flourish.

Step 5: Compress the soil and remove any air pockets by watering the flower after planting. To keep the plant in optimal condition, only water your lavender if your garden or the plant itself is very dry. Too much water can cause the roots to rot and lavender thrives in quick-draining soil.

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