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How to Prevent your Bathroom Mirror From Steaming Up

Many people choose to take a warm shower, especially before bedtime. This habit can bring about many benefits, like improving blood circulation by raising your body temperature, relaxing your muscles, and helping you fall asleep. However, the steam that appears after taking a shower can be annoying because all surfaces — including your mirrors — end up covered with droplets of water.

5-Minute Crafts wants to offer you some simple hacks to keep your mirror from steaming up after taking a shower.

Method 1: Vinegar and alcohol

You’ll need

  • 1 tbsp of corn flour

  • ½ cup of vinegar

  • ½ cup of water

  • ½ cup of alcohol

  • Spray bottle

  • Dry cloth


  1. Put the corn flour in a bowl.

  2. Add the water, vinegar, and alcohol.

  3. Pour the solution into a spray bottle.

  4. Spray the glass surface. Wipe the mirror vigorously until it’s clean.

Method 2: Shaving cream

You’ll need

  • Shaving cream

  • A microfiber cloth


  1. Put some shaving cream on the mirror.

  2. Lather the whole surface with the shaving cream.

  3. Wipe the glass with a dry cloth until it looks impeccable.

Method 3: Bar soap

You’ll need

  • Bar soap

  • A microfiber cloth


  1. Apply a layer of dry soap on the surface.

  2. Rub the soap with a dry cloth until it disappears.

Method 4: Toothpaste

You’ll need

  • Toothpaste

  • A microfiber cloth


  1. Put some toothpaste on the dry cloth.

  2. Wipe the glass clean until you’ve removed all the toothpaste.

Method 5: Tea

You’ll need

  • 1 cup of tea

  • A spray bottle

  • A microfiber cloth


  1. Pour a cup of tea into the spray bottle.

  2. Spray the solution onto the glass.

  3. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Method 6: Olive oil

You’ll need

  • Olive oil

  • A cotton pad or a dry cloth


  1. Pour a few drops of olive oil onto a pad or dry cloth.

  2. Rub it onto the mirror.

  3. Wipe with water, getting rid of any trace of dry drops.

Bonus: Wax and distilled water

This hack helps water easily slide down the surface of a car’s windshield so the drops won’t build up. This will work in the same way in your bathroom — it keeps your mirror from steaming up after a hot shower.

You’ll need

  • 1 wax candle

  • ½ cup of distilled water

  • A microfiber cloth


  1. Cut the wax candle into small chunks.

  2. Add distilled water.

  3. Mix until the wax dissolves.

  4. Dip a microfiber cloth into the solution and wipe your bathroom mirror.

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