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How to Root a Ficus Cutting

The Ficus is one of the most common indoor plants. There are as many as 875 species of Ficus that differ in size, trunk shape, and leaf color. But they also have something in common — they are easy to keep and propagate.

The most common way to propagate a Ficus is through a cutting, or snipping a piece of an adult plant. 5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how to root a cutting in water and in vermiculite.

Method 1: in water

The method of water propagation is quite simple. But if you want to see the roots in 7-14 days, you need to add a root stimulator to the water and put the container with the plant into a plastic bag.

1. Cut the stem at 45° — this way, the contact area will become larger and it will be easier for the plant to receive nutrients.

2. Remove leaves and buds on the bottom part of the stem to reduce the risk of wilting the cuttings.

3. Dip the cutting in water first, and then in a root stimulator — the dry powder should stick tightly to the wet base.

4. Pour tap or filtered water of room temperature into a suitable container, and add an activated charcoal tablet. It removes pollutants and prevents unpleasant odors from appearing.

5. Immerse the cutting into the water container. Leaves should remain above the surface.

6. Put the container into a plastic bag — it will work like a greenhouse, preventing sudden changes in temperature and humidity, protecting the cutting from environmental influences.

Method 2: in vermiculite

Vermiculite is not only a good soil additive, but it’s also an excellent medium for plant propagation. It is made of mica, with layers that work like pockets that retain moisture and gradually release it to the plant.

1. Cut the stem at 45° and remove any large leaves and buds.

2. Dip the cutting in water first, and then in a root stimulator — the dry powder should stick to the wet base.

3. Pour vermiculite into a cup with drainage holes, and add water.

4. Stick the cutting into the vermiculite, and lightly tamp the surface with your fingers.

*️⃣ A cup with vermiculite should also be placed in a plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect for the cutting.

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