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How to Use Your Washing Machine Correctly

As time passes, your washing machine might begin to show signs that it requires repair. Either the washer is getting old, or it has been used incorrectly. So, in order to make your device work efficiently for years, 5-Minute Crafts wants to highlight the ways to use your washing machine correctly.

1. Use the right detergent.

Use a detergent that is made for HE (high-efficiency) machines. Regular detergents can be harmful to the machine eventually, as they create suds that will lengthen the wash cycle and affect the performance of the machine as well.

2. Add the detergent in the right place.

It is highly recommended to follow the instructions written on the packaging when using the detergent.

  • If you’re using liquid detergent, you can either pour it into the drawer or place the measuring cup or a dosing ball (filled with the detergent) inside the drum after you throw in your clothes.
  • If you’re using detergent powders, make use of the provided scoop and add it to the detergent drawer.
  • If you’re using washing tablets, simply add them to the detergent drawer or the drum before you add the clothes.
  • If you use laundry capsules, just add one to the back of the drum before you add in the clothes and you’re good to go.

3. Don’t pack the washing drum too tightly.

If you use a top-load washer, it is recommended that you leave at least 6 inches from the laundry to the top of the machine. If you have a front-load washer, leave at least half a foot at the top. If you have a lot of clothes to wash, do them in batches, or consider investing in a front-load washer, because it has a larger load capacity.

4. Adjust the cycle settings.

Take your fabric labels seriously and select the cycles on the washer accordingly. Then hold down start. Besides keeping your clothes in top-notch condition, it also helps in running the washer in the most energy-efficient way possible.

5. Remove the clothes from the washer as soon as they’re washed.

When you keep damp clothes in the drum for too long, it promotes mold and bad odor growth in the drum and on your clothes. Still, if you’re unable to take them out right away, try your best to do it within 2 hours.

Some maintenance tips:

1. Keep the door ajar after every wash.

Doing this will let the air out and keep the mold and mildew at bay, hence, preventing all kinds of foul smells inside the machine. If you’re using a front-load washer, you can install a washer door prop to keep the door ajar.

2. Clean your washing machine thoroughly.

Apart from cleaning the washing machine from the outside, it is also recommended to clean the pump filter every 2 months, the small water inlet filter every 6 months, the rubber door seal, and other parts for the efficient functioning of your washing machine.

  • Every month, run the machine empty by adding hot water and white vinegar. Then add half a cup of detergent in the middle of the cycle. Let the entire wash cycle complete.
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