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5 Ways to Water Your Plants When You’re Not at Home

Sometimes, due to work, vacations, or unforeseen events, we have to spend a few days away from home. As a consequence, we unintentionally neglect our plants. But it doesn’t have to be this way since there are some tricks that can help you keep your plants hydrated while you’re not physically there to take care of them.

5-Minute Crafts wants to show you some different ways to water your plants during periods of time in which you plan to be away from home.

1. Use a container with water and a piece of rope.

What you’ll need

🟡 A container that is, more or less, the same size as your plant’s pot

🟡 A cloth rope or a strip made of a similar material


1. Cut a strip of rope or cloth that’s long enough to connect the container with water to the plant’s pot.

2. Place one end of the rope into the water and insert the other about half an inch to 1 inch (1 to 2 centimeters) into the potting soil.

3. If the rope or fabric floats on the water without really sinking to the bottom of the container, tie something heavy, like a rock, to the end. That will keep the rope underwater.

4. Place the water container in a higher spot than the base of the pot. This will help the water flow better thorough capillary motion. Plants will pull water through the roots until it has enough.

2. Use a plastic bottle to irrigate big plants.

What you’ll need

🟡 A plastic bottle (the size will vary depending on the size of your plant)

🟡 An awl, a nail, or some other tool that can make holes in the bottle


1. Pierce the plastic bottle several times on all sides and at the bottom.

2. Bury the bottle in the soil where the plant is growing and fill it with water.

3. Cap the bottle so that the water doesn’t flow out too strongly.

4. Refill the bottle again before you leave home or go away for an extended period of time.

3. Use a plastic bottle to irrigate small plants.

What you’ll need

🟡 A plastic bottle filled with water

🟡 An awl, a nail, or some tool to punch holes in the cap of the bottle


1. Find a plastic bottle with a lid.

2. Pierce the cap once or twice so that the water can flow out.

3. Fill the bottle with water.

4. Turn the bottle upside down and stick the bottle’s end into the soil where your plant is growing.

4. Apply absorbent material and newspapers.

What you’ll need

🟡 A container suitable for the size of your plant’s pot

🟡 An absorbent material, such as cotton, or some other fluffy material

🟡 Some sheets of newspaper and water


1. Choose a container that your plant’s pot fits into. You can leave enough room to add water and other material.

2. Place some absorbent material in the center of the pot.

3. After placing the pot in the container, fill it with water.

4. Crumple up some newspapers and place them in the water to prevent evaporation.

5. Use a baking dish or tray.

What you’ll need

🟡 A baking dish or tray

🟡 A plastic bottle

🟡 A nail or an awl to punch holes in the bottle


1. Find a baking dish or tray, depending on the size of your plant.

2. Fill the tray with water and place the pot with your plant inside.

3. Pierce a bottle with water at its bottom or near the bottom.

4. Place the bottle in the dish next to the plant to fill the tray and compensate for the water absorbed by the plant.

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