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How to Write a Shopping List

Going shopping without being organized beforehand can cause you to wander from aisle to aisle and lose precious time. Plus, when you finish and find yourself in front of the cashier, you’ll see that you spent more than you should have. Having a shopping list with you can help you save time, money, and nerves.

We at 5-Minute Crafts have a guide that can help you to always have an efficient shopping list at hand.

1. Find out what you need.

Searching all around the house for what you’re missing and what you need to buy is time-consuming and exhausting. That’s why keepingprimary list on the fridge will save you a lot of time. You can’t make a shopping list in just 5 minutes, but if you make a primary one, it could save you a lot of trouble. Here’s how to get one started:

  • Put a list on the fridge where you can write down what you are out of.
  • Remind everyone that if they don’t put the item on the list, it won’t be bought. This will get everyone involved and give you a better chance of getting everything you need when it’s time to shop.
  • This list can include more than just food. You can also write down other things you need in your home.
  • Write the item down, even when you’re just running low.

2. Clean out your kitchen.

Before you write your list, clean out your fridge and pantry. Throw out anything that’s spoiled or that has passed its expiration date. This will help you to easily see what you’re missing, and you’ll have room for new groceries when you get back.

3. Organize your list according to your coupons.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, using coupons is a great way to save some money. And when you’re creating your list, you might want to mark or write the items in a separate list that you plan to use the discounts for.

  • Find coupons on flyers, in newspapers, or simply check to see if they’re at store entrances.
  • Don’t let coupons trick you into buying unnecessary things. Only use coupons for the items you already planned to buy.

4. Write the list according to store aisle.

To save time and energy when shopping, and also not to overlook an item from your list, write down the items you need under the aisle category. Below is an example of how to organize your list.

  • Frozen food section: frozen peas, ice cream, pizza, etc.
  • Veggies: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.
  • Beauty supplies: face creams, shampoo, etc.

5. Consider visiting more stores.

Other stores may have different types of discounts. So let’s say one store has a discount on meat and another one on beauty supplies. It’s worth the trip if it’s on your way. Just remember to update your grocery list by adding a category for the different stores.

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