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Things That Make Your Home Look Messy

Things That Make Your Home Look Messy

We always want our home to look neat, clean, and nice. However, there are things that give us a feeling of untidiness, even if you’ve just finished another clean-up.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you what exactly can make your home look messy and explains how to fight with it.

Cluttered surfaces

A kitchen countertop cluttered with various appliances looks messy. The same thing applies to bathroom shelves. Try to look at it this way: in hotel rooms, all surfaces look neat, mostly thanks to the fact that there is nothing extra on them. This makes the entire interior more spacious and clean. The same rule applies to your home.

Of course, numerous knives and plates, a blender, and a toaster are some of the most important objects in our kitchen. However, it’s worth considering hiding a part of them in a kitchen cabinet. Surfaces without any extra objects on them will create impressions of simplicity and space.

Open shelves

Open shelves can be nice-looking and stylish interior elements, but only when you don’t use all the space in them. They will look neat as long as you don’t occupy 100% of their surface.

But if you have a habit of using every inch of the free space and fill up 100% of your shelves with various objects, it’s better that you get closed shelves. They can be filled with any amount of things without feeling scared that your home will look messy.

An abundance of wires

A large number of wires and cables can spoil the look of any, even the cleanest, room, especially if those wires are tangled or are collected in one big bunch.

Make sure to spend some time untangling those numerous cords, group them together with the help of special holders and hide them behind furniture. If this option doesn’t suit you, try buying colorful surfaces for cables and paint them the same colors as the walls. Of course, it won’t make the wires absolutely unnoticeable, but they will definitely start looking more accurate than thick black cords hanging from white (or other colors) walls.

Many pillows and blankets

It might seem that an abundance of various cushions on your couch makes it look cozy and unordinary. In fact, it makes your home look unkempt. Of course, it is convenient to lie on soft cushions, but make sure not to put them all on the sofa when you have visitors.

The same thing applies to blankets and duvets. Despite the fact they look quite cozy, there is a thin line between the feeling of comfort and over-loadedness. Sometimes a room becomes neater if the owner simply removes extra blankets.

Magnets on the fridge

The surface of the fridge tends to get cluttered by dozens of magnets and post-it notes quite fast. Though it is convenient, we can’t help but admit that a fridge with many different small elements on it looks messy.

Even the cleanest of kitchens will look messy due to an abundance of details “decorating” the fridge. If it’s important for you to write down something important, use a notebook, not the surface of the fridge. Magnets that are dear to your heart can be placed on the sidewall of the fridge, keeping the front part free from them.

An abundance of small elements and decor

A bunch of small objects collected together will undoubtedly make the room look messy. For example, if you’re used to keeping all your makeup on a shelf in your bathroom, try organizing that chaos. Instead of storing tubes and jars spread out all over the shelf, place them on a nice tray. This way, they will look way neater.

Too much decor will also make your room look messy. If there is not much space in the room, tons of small details will create a feeling of disorganization. Moreover, such decor requires more time for cleaning. And if you don’t pay enough attention to it, the room will look dirty and messy.

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