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Tips for Warming Your Home Without Using Heat

During the winter season, many of us spend way more time at home to shelter from the cold, and we try to keep things warm and cozy.

5-Minute Crafts is offering you some tips that can help you keep your rooms at a comfortable and adequate temperature and combat the outside weather.

1. Seal the window frames.

✅ Examine all your windows and their frames. If you find a crack that is letting air enter, seal it with adhesive tape.

✅ You can also protect them by applying a sealant on the window frames to prevent the current from circulating and cooling your rooms.

2. Block cold air currents.

⛔ During the colder seasons, the openings under the doors of your rooms could be your worst enemy since the cold air can enter through them.

✅ To help keep your room warm, block drafts with a pad designed to be placed under closed doors. You could also roll up a blanket or towel and it will work the same way.

3. Install thick, dark curtains.

✅ During sunny winter days, keep your windows closed and your curtains open. This way, your rooms will be warmer for several hours before dusk, when the temperature drops.

✅ To insulate against extreme cold during the night, place one or more thick curtains on your windows and keep them closed. The interior areas will stay warm while you sleep.

4. Use rugs in the living room and bedrooms.

✅ Despite the cold outside, you can keep your rooms warm by covering your floors with rugs. These work very well as thermal insulators.

✅ Choose rugs that are made of wool. In addition to giving a cozy and aesthetic touch to the interior decoration of your home, they are ideal ways to prevent your feet from feeling the cold floor.

5. Light some candles.

✅ You can light candles in whatever room you’re hanging out in. Not only will they provide a pleasant smell and a decorative touch, but they will also help to preserve a pleasant and comfortable temperature inside. It is recommended that you place them away from flammable materials, such as curtains, sheets, magazines, or books.

✅ Try to place large candles in different corners of your home. If you are reading a book in the living room, light them there and they’ll protect you from the cold. Just be sure that when you leave the house or are about to go to bed, you remember to put them out to avoid fires.

6. Place your bed away from the windows and cover your mattress.

⛔ Glass cools down significantly during the night, and it’s recommended that you place your bed as far away from your windows as possible to prevent your mattress from staying cold. During the day, leave the curtains open so that your mattress receives sunlight and warms up for a few hours.

✅ Another alternative to help keep your mattress at a comfortable temperature at bedtime is to use a winter mattress cover or place a thermal sleeping bag over it.

7. Keep unused rooms closed.

✅ To keep the heat inside your home and prevent it from escaping to rooms you’re not using, close the doors that lead to them. This way, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your living room or bedroom.

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