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Which Detergent Is Better: Liquid Detergent or Powder Detergent

A good detergent is the key to effective washing. But it’s also important to choose a detergent that will be effective against different types of stains and suitable for different fabrics. It should also prolong the operating life of the washing machine.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about how a powder detergent and a liquid detergent are different, and which should be used in different situations.


  • Liquid detergent is effective at removing grease and oil stains from vegetable oil to car oil, so it’s a good option for everyday laundry. It delicately cleans items made of colored fabrics.
  • Powder detergent works better on stubborn mud, grass, or clay stains, so it’s great for washing sports and garden clothes. Bleach is usually added to its composition, which is good for white items but can contribute to color fading.


  • Liquid detergent easily dissolves at any water temperature, as one of its main components is also water. Its consistency makes it less likely to build up in the washer or leave white residue on clothes. It’s the best choice for stain pretreatment.
  • Powder detergent may not completely dissolve in water, especially when used with hard or cold water. This can cause white stains on clothes, and the components of the washer can become clogged and deteriorate faster. For prewash, you should first dilute the powder with water and only then apply it to stains. It copes better with stubborn and difficult stains due to its roughness.


Powder detergent is considered a more economical option. It’s easier to manufacture and has a lighter weight than liquid detergent, making it cheaper to transport, thus reducing the final price.


A cardboard box of powder detergent is more eco-friendly because it can be recycled, unlike a liquid detergent’s plastic bottles.

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