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How to Find Your Ring Size

Many of us don’t know our own ring size. Although we are always aware of our clothing and shoe sizes, when it comes to finger jewelry, things are not so obvious.

5-Minute Crafts describes different methods for how to measure it.

Method 1: Using an existing ring

You can find out the size of your ring by measuring a piece of jewelry you already have. You should use a ruler to measure its inside diameter.

  1. Take the ruler and place it in such a way that you can measure the inside diameter of the ring.
  2. Measure the diameter in millimeters and then use the table to work out the size of the ring.

This table is easy to use. You just need to find a ring size that corresponds to the ring diameter. For example, if the inside diameter of your ring is 21 mm, the ring size would be 11.5.

Method 2: Using a thread

You can find out the your ring size with regular piece of thread.

  1. To do this, wrap the thread over the base of your finger and make a mark where it will overlap.
  2. Then place the marked thread on a ruler and use our scale to work out your ring size.

⚠️ Important: Don’t forget that the thread may stretch, so try not to pull it too tight, otherwise you won’t be able to measure correctly.

The same goes for this table. You need to match the girth of your finger with the size of the ring. For example, if your finger girth is 62.1 mm, the size of the ring is 10.

Method 3: using a ring sizer

You can also purchase a special ring sizer. It’s super-easy to use and will work even if you’ve never tried ring sizing with it before.

  1. All you have to do is slip the measurer onto your finger and tighten it until you feel that it comfortably encircles your finger.
  2. Then look at the scale on the sizer to find out the size of your ring.

Remember that the correct size should allow the ring to move over the knuckle without much effort.

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