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10 Amazon Accessories to Make Your Car Look Cute and Comfy

Glossy phone holders, interior lights, or swinging ornaments — accessories can be a cool and fun addition to your car. That is why 5-Minute Crafts prepared this list of items that can amp up your ride’s look.

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1. Rhinestone phone holder

Buy the rhinestone phone holder here.

Editor’s Pick

With this shiny phone stand, you’ll be able to make calls while holding the steering wheel with both hands. It is simple and easy to install, and the small design won’t take up too much space.

2. LED interior lights

Buy the LED interior lights here.

Best Seller

Choose between different colors and equip your car with these dazzling lights. They can change colors with the rhythm of the music and you can secure them firmly with glue, making sure they won’t fall off.

3. Daisy flower vent decoration

Buy the daisy flower vent decoration here.

Editor’s Pick

These interesting flower clips are not just cute decorations, but they can also freshen up the air in your car. Just pick the fragrance that you like, place it in the middle of the clip, then put the clip on the air vent.

4. Car eyelashes

Buy the car eyelashes here.

Amazon’s Choice

Self-adhesive and flexible, these stylish things can fit on any car. Simply place them on the headlights and adjust them accordingly. You can also remove them easily if you don’t want to use them anymore.

5. Cat stickers

Buy the cat stickers here.

Editor’s Pick

The sticker is made of vinyl material and won’t become damaged by sunlight or rain. You can easily use it — just peel off the layer and paste the sticker on the car. You shouldn’t wash the car for a week after applying it.

6. Air freshener with an interesting design

Buy the air freshener with an interesting design here.

Editor’s Pick

Enjoy the floral aroma of this air freshener that can also give an elegant touch to the car’s interior. Remove the plastic lid and the cork that is inside the bottle, and after you place the lid back on, gently shake the freshener.

7. Swinging duck car ornament

Buy the swinging duck car ornament here.

Best Seller

This cute and happy detail can add some life to your car. It is small and convenient and won’t block your view. The swinging ornament isn’t too long so it won’t break the window when you hit the brakes.

8. Glittery car cup coaster

Buy the glittery car cup coaster here.

Amazon’s Choice

The coasters can fit most car cup holders, but before buying, be sure to measure the size. It is durable and easy to clean and can protect the holder from drippings. It is also non-slip and doesn’t have any odor.

9. Dual adapter charger

Buy the dual adapter charger with crystals here.

Editor’s Pick

Charge your phone easily with this sparkling adapter. It has 2 ports and also a pointed tip on the other side that can be used as a hammer for window-breaking if there is an emergency.

10. Embroidered paws steering wheel cover

Buy the embroidered paws steering wheel cover here.

Editor’s Pick

This can be suitable for any pet owner, but it’s also practical as it can offer a comfortable grip. The steering wheel cover is resistant to cold and heat, and it can absorb sweat.

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