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10 Artist Tools Sold on Amazon to Unleash Your Creativity Like a Pro

Having the right accessories and tools can really help to bring out your creativity and make some exceptional artwork. This is why 5-Minute Crafts prepared this list of utensils to bring your imaginative vision to life.

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1. Sketching pencil set

Buy the sketching pencil set here.

Amazon’s Choice

This set includes 14 quality pencils, 3 charcoal unsharpened pencils, an eraser, a kneadable art eraser, and a pencil extender. It is great for beginners and kids, as it gives a smooth writing feeling.

2. A4 sketchbook with a hardcover

Buy the A4 sketchbook with a hardcover here.

Amazon’s Choice

The sketchbook contains 40 sheets of thick, spiral-bound paper that you can draw on with ease. It’s perfect for colored pencils and charcoal and is useful for making sketches before moving them onto canvas.

3. Anti-fouling artist’s gloves (for right and left hands)

Buy the anti-fouling artist’s gloves (for right and left hands) here.

Amazon’s Choice

This can be very useful when you are working on either a tablet or paper. It protects the surface of your device and is dirt-resistant and flexible while providing more efficiency to your work.

4. Blending stumps paper (tortillon) set

Buy the blending stumps paper (tortillon) set here.

Amazon’s Choice

The set is packed with tortillons in 6 different sizes, and each size has 2 pieces. There is also a sandpaper sharpener that will make the pencils, charcoal, and tortillons pointy and ready for use.

5. Coloring pencil set (120 pieces)

Buy the coloring pencil set (120 pieces) here.

Editor’s Pick

Get your ultimate set of numbered, named, and color-coded pencils with intensely pigmented color and a buttery laydown finish. The colors are smooth and creamy, which makes blending and layering easy.

6. Paint brush set for fine art painting (12 pieces)

Buy the paint brush set for fine art painting (12 pieces) here.

Editor’s Pick

The set has 12 pieces of different sizes and shapes that you can choose from. The brushes are made from synthetic sable bristles that can mimic the movement of natural hair and are more sturdy and resistant to wear.

7. Flat paint brush set (7 pieces)

Buy the flat paint brush set here.

Editor’s Pick

These large brushes are ideal for painting with acrylic, oil, watercolor, or gesso, and they’re easy to clean. The wooden handles make them comfortable to hold and they’re suitable for beginners and art students.

8. Painting knife set (5 pieces)

Buy the painting knife set (5 pieces) here.

Top Pick

The paint spatulas are made of stainless steel blades and can withstand corrosion. They are flexible, with no sharp edges, and are light and easy to hold. Use them for spreading, smudging, smoothing, etc.

9. Transparent paint palette

Buy the transparent paint palette here.

Editor’s Pick

Spread and mix colors easily on this see-through palette. It is suitable for different types of paint, like watercolor, oil, gauche, etc. The palette is also easy to clean and comfortable to grasp.

10. Artist supply storage box

Buy the artist supply storage box here.

Editor’s Pick

Put all kinds of different equipment, such as pencils, brushes, charcoal, erasers, and more in this storage box. It has 6 wooden drawers that are easy to remove and place near your workstation.

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