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10 Awesome Film and Photography Items From Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny

Photography can be a lot of fun since it helps us capture special moments. These days, we can virtually take infinite pictures with our phones, but there’s something special about film photography, like the limited amount of shots available or the process of having images developed.

5-Minute Crafts has selected some photography products that will take you back in time to capture the perfect images on film.

1. Kodak — M35 Reusable Film Camera

Best Value

Create ever-lasting memories with this pretty camera that can be reused. You’ll take awesome pictures with this point-and-shoot camera that includes a built-in flash for taking photos in dark places.

Happy buyer’s review: “I personally really like this camera. You get a flash and the option to try different film stocks to find what you like; it’s great for beginners too. Strongly recommended, especially for the price at the moment, a must buy.” — Jabster118

2. Weddingstar — Disposable Camera With Flash


Place this beautiful disposable camera on the tables of a wedding so that guests can snap unique shots of the special event. This activity is fun and interactive so everyone can enjoy this gadget.

Happy buyer’s review: “Distributed a pack of these around to wedding guests to take photos as they wanted and then got them developed. Good quality and got some great pictures that helped tell the story of the day.” — Amazon Customer

3. Instax — Mini 11 Camera

Top Pick

This cute camera produces credit card-sized pics and is available in pastel colors, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular product. Also, it includes a built-in selfie mirror so that you can take your own portrait pics.

Happy buyer’s review: “It’s an interesting product to buy! It does its job, taking instant pictures with a very good color balance and light. You can take pictures inside, as it has a flash, and you can also take selfies. The photo is quite small but a good size if you want to keep it in your wallet!” — Smart Chioices

4. Tomshine — photo lights, pegs, and string

Best Seller

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your favorite photos, you should get these fairy lights with string. Besides looking absolutely stunning, it will definitely create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

Happy buyer’s review: “These were really good and really bright. Used for a party to hang photos up. Purchased a few different types, but these were the best. Would definitely recommend.” — AP

5. Canon — Zoemini Photo Printer

Popular Pick

Print your best pics from your phone gallery with this incredible printer that’s quite small so it’s portable. You can even use the free app to add filters or frames and then stick your pics everywhere.

Happy buyer’s review: “This is an excellent printer. We use it every time we go out and it prints out perfect photos, which are stickers! We scrapbook them straight away. I cannot imagine life without it. 🙂” — Cutie-Pie32

6. Riccardo Materossi — Indoor & Outdoor Color Film


Take this camera around your neighborhood and capture its magic with this disposable camera, which will allow you to take 36 photos. This product is extremely easy to use, so it’s perfect for beginners.

Happy buyer’s review: “Amazing. Great quality.” — Lizzy

7. Polaroid — Go Instant Camera

Our Choice

This camera looks tiny, but it’s extremely powerful when it comes to producing high-quality pics. Also, it offers double exposure, a feature that will allow you to explore more creative options.

Happy buyer’s review: “The film is fantastic and in such a cute size! The colors are vibrant and the pictures are great. You’ve got to remember with Polaroids that the sun is your friend. The more light, the better.” — wintleburger

8. HP — Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Great Buy

Take photo printing to the next level with this device that allows you to use bigger paper. Plus, you’ll be able to easily find and print photos from social media by using a hashtag and the free app.

Happy buyer’s review: “So amazed at how good this little piece of kit is; so easy to set up and use. The frames and stickers on the app are so cute and fun to play with along with the other edit options. The choice of sticky back or normal backed printing paper is good too, as is the price for how many you get. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.” — maraied

9. Benjia — photo album with 500 pockets

Amazon’s Choice

Bring on the nostalgic vibes with this photo album that will definitely make you reminisce about the good old days. This product is convenient because it can store and protect a large number of pictures.

Happy buyer’s review: “Very nice album! Good size, lots of pages with 5 pockets on each page that fit 4×6 photos. Very well made, feels like it will wear well. Will probably buy another one.” — Ess-Dee

10. Lomography — Simple Use Reloadable (B&W)

Our Choice

This camera is great because it’s loaded with black and white film, so you’ll get images with fine grain and full monochrome tones. Then you can go to your nearest film photo lab to have them developed.

Happy buyer’s review: “I love being able to have a reusable camera that’s still affordable right in my purse. The picture quality is fantastic and the B&W film is definitely my favorite so far.” — Zoe

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