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10 Cozy Deals That Amazon Prime Has Picked for You

Coziness feels like a nice hug and can be considered food for the soul. Just a simple relaxing activity, such as wearing a face mask or drinking a cup of tea, can really help you unwind and lift your spirits.

5-Minute Crafts has selected a list of cozy items, all on sale for Prime Day, designed to make you feel instantly calm, warm, and comfy.

1. Facial massage tools

Our Choice

Give yourself a relaxing facial massage with these ultra-smooth tools made from stone. The jade roller can be used with face cream for efficient absorption, while the gua sha will improve your circulation.

2. Tea selection box

Top Pick

Brew some herbal tea to unwind and find peace at the end of a long day. You’ll find a selection of 9 organic teas with 5 flavors in this gorgeous box, including calming lavender and soothing rose.

3. Essential oil diffuser

Popular Pick

Set up this oil diffuser in your room to get the benefits of aromatherapy. You can either use it with essential oils so that your space smells amazing or as a humidifier to prevent dry air in the winter.

4. Natural silk sleep mask

Great Buy

Get your well-deserved beauty sleep with this cute sleep mask made from natural silk. This product will create a total blackout effect so that you can get a restful and blissful night’s sleep.

5. Electric hard skin remover

Best Seller

Pamper your feet with this effective hard skin remover that will get you salon-like results. Its pressure-adaptive roller will protect your skin and it won’t miss a spot for some seriously soft skin.

6. Sheet mask pack

Amazon’s Choice

Recreate the ultimate spa experience with this sheet mask pack that includes 8 varieties to fit your specific skin needs. These include natural ingredients with hydrating, nourishing, and clarifying properties.

7. Rainbow blanket

Best Value

Stay warm on cold days with this incredible cozy blanket with a colorful tie-dye design. Plus, it’s breathable and reversible, so you’ll get one fluffy wool side and a soft skin-friendly flannel end.

8. Dead sea salt scrub

Popular Pick

This scrub will soften and replenish your skin thanks to its nice texture and natural oils. Besides leaving your skin feeling silky smooth, you’ll enjoy the delicious smell of jasmine, grapefruit, and vanilla.

9. Electric scalp massager

Great Buy

Buy this genius scalp massager that promotes circulation and relieves stress while also contributing to hair growth. In addition, it’s waterproof, anti-tangling, and can be used on your lovely dog or cat.

10. Facial steamer

Our Choice

Get a fabulous complexion with this facial steamer suitable for all skin types, which will unclog your pores and help moisturize your skin. Also, this product is great because it clears sinus congestion.

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