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10 Different Pride Flags to Help You Celebrate June in Full Force

10 Different Pride Flags to Help You Celebrate June in Full Force

June is Pride Month, which means it’s time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community properly. Whether you are going to attend a colorful parade or bury yourself in books and study the history of the community, now is the perfect time to purchase a pride flag.

5-Minute Crafts has created a list of items from Amazon that will likely suit your needs.

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1. Intersex inclusive flag

Great Rating

This flag was designed by an intersex activist. A yellow triangle with a purple circle has been added to the flag to represent the community and rights of intersex! The flag is made of lightweight fabric and is resistant to all weather conditions, making it perfect for your local pride parade.

2. Progress pride flag

Great Buy

The numerous colors represent the diversity of the community, and this flag is perfect for those about to celebrate Pride Month. The durable fabric and vibrant colors make this flag a great buy if you are planning to attend a parade.

3. 6 stripes rainbow flag

Popular Pick

The traditional 6-color gay pride flag will suit both those just beginning to immerse themselves in the history of Pride Month and those who have been representing and supporting community rights all their lives. Made from polyester, this flag is resistant to fading.

4. Lesbian pride flag

Top Pick

The 3×5-ft flag can also be hung on the wall of your room. The bright colors and density of the material make it suitable for outdoor use. The flag is eye-catching due to its large size and will appeal to anyone who wants to express their solidarity.

5. MLM pride flag

Great Rating

This flag has a large size (3×5 ft), making it a great choice not only for a parade but also for decorating your room. The bright colors will help you celebrate Pride Month and will be a wonderful reminder of your beliefs for a long time to come.

6. Transgender pride flag

Top Pick

This flag performs its function both inside and outside the home. The bright colors can not only decorate your wall but also attract the attention of everyone at the parade. Your Pride Month will be even more memorable with this purchase.

7. Bisexual pride flag

Great Rating

This flag is perfect for displaying your pride at any event, from parades and festivals to carnivals and tight-knit parties. Made from high-quality polyester, this flag is definitely a great buy. And after your celebration, you can hang it up at home as a reminder of the community.

8. Asexual pride flag

Great Buy

This flag will help you celebrate Pride Month in a bright and unforgettable way. Hang it at home or on a flagpole, or even take it to a parade or present it to friends — either way, it will bring you and everyone else joy and spread love.

9. Pansexual pride flag

Amazon’s Choice

The pansexual flag is one of the most striking, so it must be made from a quality dyed fabric. This item will suit anyone who is used to choosing the best of the best. The colors are lush and eye-catching, and the fabric is durable and will last a long time, which means your Pride Month will go great.

10. Non-binary pride flag

Top Pick

The colors of this flag represent the non-binary community. Made from high-quality materials, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to spend Pride Month particularly bright. The double stitching makes this flag particularly resistant to weather changes, so nothing will disturb your celebration.

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