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10 Games From Amazon for Fun Get-Togethers With Friends That Are Currently on Sale

Playing games is an excellent way to bond with people and have a great time with friends. You can choose between card games, board games, and other types to find your ideal option.

5-Minute Crafts has chosen some of the most amusing group games that are on sale right now, and they’ll definitely keep you entertained for hours.

1. Dobble

Best Seller

Grab this item if you love playing mini-games with friends — the objective is to find 2 matching symbols between any 2 cards. It’s a game that requires speed, observation, and good reflexes.

2. Catan

Popular Pick

Catan is a fantastic strategy board game in which players control their own civilization and compete for victory points. It’s a very social game because it offers many opportunities for player interaction.

3. Operation

Amazon’s Choice

Put your physical skills to the test with Operation, an electronic board game where players get to play doctor and perform surgery on a patient. Laughter is almost guaranteed with this game.

4. Pictionary Air Harry Potter

Our Choice

Harry Potter Air is a fun twist on the classic Pictionary game — instead of using paper, you’ll download a free app, use clue cards, and draw magical concepts with Harry’s wand. It’s great for game night.

5. Twister

Great Buy

This iconic game is ideal for those who enjoy movement since players have to put their hands and feet on the mat without falling over. You can even play in teams and hold a Twister tournament.

6. Herd Mentality

Amazon’s Choice

Play this “udderly” amusing board game that is all about social deduction. You’ll be presented with a series of questions and then you have to determine what most people, or “the herd,” will answer.

7. More or Less

Great Buy

Make a guess with this amazing quiz game based on fun trivia. You’ll hear random, surprising, and amusing questions, and then you’ll be expected to judge whether the answer is “more” or “less.”

8. Beat That!

Amazon’s Choice

Engage in this awesome board game with your friends: the goal is to successfully complete some tricky dexterity-based challenges. With 240 hilarious challenges, you won’t get bored anytime soon.

9. UNO

Best Seller

UNO is a classic card game about matching colors and numbers, which is a simple concept, but players can get pretty competitive. In this version, you’ll be able to write and customize your own rules.

10. Do You Know Me?

Our Choice

Find out how well you know your friends with this fun card game. Each player answers 5 yes/no questions about the person sitting next to them. Then they’ll discover how many guesses they got right.

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