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10 Pen and Marker Sets on Sale From Amazon That Can Help Unleash Your Creativity

Colorful pens and markers are always fun to play with since they can add a special touch to a piece of paper. Also, there are tons of options for experimenting on other surfaces, such as fabrics and ceramic.

5-Minute Crafts has selected a list of vibrant writing supplies that are currently on sale so that you can explore your creative side.

1. Assorted rollerball pens

Best Seller

This set of classic gel shades includes a variety of point types (including fine, broad, micro, and needle). They’re ideal for smooth writing when scrapbooking and doing general crafts.

2. Permanent markers

Popular Pick

Buy this colorful set of 24 markers with versatile fine tips that allow you to make detailed strokes. The fade and water-resistant ink dries quickly while still staying permanent on both paper and plastic.

3. Erasable gel pens

Great Buy

Get yourself this genius gadget: a rub-out pen that uses thermal ink. You will be able to doodle like you’re using a pencil since mistakes can be easily erased without leaving any stain residue.

4. Fabric markers

Best Seller

Grab this fun and vibrant set of fabric markers to create unique pieces like T-shirts and canvas shoes. These markers resist fading, won’t bleed, and can be loaded into a washing machine.

5. Calligraphy pen set

Our Choice

This calligraphy pen set features all the essentials you need for calligraphy: ink cartridges and fountain pens with several nibs. Also, it includes 2 booklets for endless hours of enjoyable writing.

6. Pastel highlighters

Top Pick

These water-based ink highlighters are perfect for journaling because of their anti-dry out technology. Also, they’re available in beautiful pastel shades and can draw in 2 different line widths (1 mm and 4 mm).

7. Colored pencils

Best Seller

Resume coloring with these bright colored pencils that are easy to grip due to their non-slip rubberized surface. Plus, they’re eco-friendly since resources were saved in their manufacturing.

8. Acrylic markers

Amazon’s Choice

Pick these multi-purpose acrylic markers that are filled with water-based paint that is both durable and fast-drying. You’ll be able to decorate several surfaces, such as stone, ceramic, and wood.

9. Multi-colored ballpoint pens

Great Buy

These vivid ballpoint pens are perfect for bringing life to your everyday class or work notes. Their ultra-smooth ink will allow you to write clean lines and diagrams without drag.

10. Dual-tip brush pens

Amazon’s Choice

These dual-tip brush pens are excellent for lettering since they can cover large areas and add fine details. You’ll be able to create different styles and strokes by controlling brush pressure.

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