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10 Popular Insect Repellents From Amazon for Outdoorsy People

Spending time outdoors is a great way to get some exercise and connect with nature. However, this isn’t always a hassle-free experience because we often have to deal with bees and mosquito bites, among other things.

5-Minute Crafts has selected some of the most highly rated insect repellents that can protect your skin.

1. A mosquito repellent bracelet

Our Choice

Stay stylish with this awesome insect repellent bracelet that features oil diffusion technology to keep mosquitos at bay. Plus, it’s adjustable, waterproof, and available in different colors.

Happy buyer’s review: “This is an awesome kit. Not only was it 100% effective at preventing me from getting bit, but it also looks brilliant and is comfy to wear. I put it on when I left for the airport and took it off when I got back home; plus, the citronella capsule smells amazing!” — ANON

2. Aerosol insect repellent

Best Seller

This is the absolute top-selling insect repellent on Amazon. It provides up to 9 hours of total protection, so it’s ideal for people who get bitten all over or who want to visit tropical destinations.

Happy buyer’s review: “What a great product! I always suffer from mosquito bites (they love me!) and in the past, I even got bit when using sprays. I took this with me when I went to Cyprus and used it before going out at night. In 2 weeks, I got no bites at all! Brilliant.” — Kat

3. A suction aid and poison remover

Top Pick

If you’re into natural solutions, you can’t pass up this product — a suction device that will painlessly remove insect saliva or venom. It’s chemical-free and works on mosquitos, bees, wasps, ants, and more.

Happy buyer’s review: “I just don’t believe it!!! I’m a skeptic but this is SO good! Works every time and takes the itch out of every mosquito bite. What a simple, easy, and low-cost solution. IT’S A MUST!” — Mr martin Davies

4. Premium insect repellent lotion

Popular Pick

Use this effective lotion for all your outdoor adventures, including camping, barbecues, and sports events. Its non-greasy formula will feel comfortable on the skin and won’t damage your clothing.

Happy buyer’s review: “Superb product. I am prone to insect bites, but with this product, I never had one. Just about to purchase another one.” — Amazon Customer

5. Midge-proof head net

Best Seller

If you don’t want to reapply topical products throughout the day, you should try this midge-proof head net. Its incredibly lightweight mesh will keep you protected from the smallest of insects.

Happy buyer’s review: “Great quality, small, and easy to pack. Also, it’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to see through. Keeps the midges at bay, allowing you to get on with the day work/hobbies/camping/gardening, etc.” — pigpen

6. Mosquito repellent patches

Amazon’s Choice

Get yourself these adorable mosquito repellent patches that you can stick on your clothing or accessories (so no skin contact). They offer long-time protection and give off a nice fresh smell.

Happy buyer’s review: “We used these as we had mosquitos in our garden, and it prevented us from getting bitten alive! Totally worth it!” — Pipa b

7. Natural insect repellent

Great Buy

Grab this natural insect repellent if you have sensitive skin. It’s cruelty-free and contains 6 insect-repelling oils (including cedar and peppermint). In addition, it’s sweat and water-resistant.

Happy buyer’s review: “Really, really good product! Smells great, kind to the skin. My friends and I went to Mexico and I decided to buy this insect repellent instead of the horrible chemical-filled stuff you get at the store. My friends all used the horrible-smelling chemical repellents and I used my lovely smelling repellent. I didn’t get bit at all but my friends all did, despite all the spraying​ they did. Says it all really!” — Amazon Customer

8. Insect repellent bands

Popular Pick

This insect repellent band combines lemongrass, geraniol, and citronella oil to fight mosquitos. They’re a great value for your money since each band can last up to 10 days after they’re initially worn.

Happy buyer’s review: “I live by this product! As someone who gets bitten to death on vacation, this product is a lifesaver! My children love them, as they look fashionable in different colors. I always recommend these to anyone going on trips!” — Yvonne

9. DEET-free gentle repellent

Amazon’s Choice

Choose this product if you’re looking for a gentle, non-sticky formula. This amazing insect repellent spray won’t irritate your skin, which also makes it safe for kids and pregnant women.

Happy buyer’s review: “I have really sensitive skin and can’t always use insect repellent without itchy skin. This is great stuff. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag and has been a good quality product so far. Recommended.” — #lovesbooks

10. Halo mini unit

Great Buy

This is a simple solution for those outdoor get-togethers: a halo mini-unit that can create a shield against insects. Besides being incredibly easy to use, it’s also silent and scent-free.

Happy buyer’s review: “This is a great little product, easy to pack and transport; great in the garden for keeping all the little mosquitos and flies away. Very easy to use and replaces the little gas canister and tablet.” — Jayne

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